Scouted Travel Professionals You Should Know About

Originally published by The Scout Guide on March 8, 2022.

For many people, the possibility of making travel plans that have perhaps been on hold for the past two years might be on the horizon. If you’re ready to plan a getaway, the time has never been better to enlist the services of a seasoned travel expert who can help you navigate any rules or restrictions while also creating the perfect personalized itinerary to the destination of your dreams. Here, our editors across the country introduce the travel professionals in their areas who they trust with their vacation plans. Whether you’re looking for a fun family adventure somewhere domestic or have your sights set on a once-in-a-lifetime excursion farther afield, this group of knowledgeable professionals can help with every detail. Looking for a travel agent in your area? Find one in The Scout Guide Directory.


TRAVEL EXPERT: Kaleigh Kirkpatrick
LOCATION: Fort Worth, Texas
WHAT SHE DOES: Kaleigh and her team are luxury travel advisors that create the perfectly planned trip of a lifetime and make sure that nothing is left to chance. They have scoured the best experiences in the world for couples and families alike to the beach, mountains, Disney World, and abroad.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Kaleigh is a joy to work with,” says Leigh Brown, editor of The Scout Guide Fort Worth. “She is professional yet fun, and excellent at what she does.”

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