Scouted Florists You Should Know

Photography by Andi Grant Photography

A floral arrangement is the perfect accompaniment for nearly every occasion, whether it be a joyous celebration, a declaration of love, an expression of sympathy, or a simple “thank you.” And when artfully executed, these bouquets can speak volumes with their beauty. Recently, we asked our editors from around the country to discuss their favorite local floral experts. From a mobile floral boutique in Virginia to a dynamic husband-and-wife duo in Florida, these professionals can be counted on to produce gorgeous works of art that are a welcome feast for the eyes, elevating both major events and the everyday. 

Pro tip: If you are interested in sending a floral arrangement to a recipient in another town but don’t want to use one of the big, national chains, contact your local florist. They usually have reciprocity with florists around the country and can handle your order for you. 

Originally published by The Scout Guide on February 2, 2021

FLORIST: The Wandering Petal
LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia
WHAT THEY OFFER: A mobile floral boutique and a brick and mortar that specializes in weddings and events.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “[Owner] Nicole Turkenkopf is a floral visionary. I can always trust her to deliver timeless florals with her fresh take on the English garden,” says Mary Kaufman, editor of The Scout Guide Tidewater.

Photography by Ross Van Pelt

FLORIST: Courtenay Lambert Floral & Event Design
LOCATION: Cincinnati, Ohio
WHAT THEY OFFER: Courtenay and her team are excellent event florists, helping to develop all creative design in partnership with their clients. From weddings to corporate events and any event in between, they can handle everything from flowers and lighting to event flow.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “I rarely come across such stunning events as those I see by Courtenay. Every last detail is perfect. The colors, the quality of the florals, and the creativity is over the top,” says McKenna Brooks, editor of The Scout Guide Cincinnati.


FLORIST: City Stems
LOCATION: Charlotte, North Carolina
WHAT THEY OFFER: City Stems carries custom plants, flowers, and orchids—everything from modern to classic—with a special eye to designing for your interior.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Owner Laura Hughes is extremely talented, and just a great person,” says Lisa Sherrill, co-editor of The Scout Guide Charlotte. “She can create a unique arrangement for a friend or for a specific place in your home, and always includes a special touch.”

Photography by Audrey Snow Owen

FLORIST: Kaleidoscope Floral
LOCATION: Naples, Florida
WHAT THEY OFFER: Kaleidoscope Floral is a husband-and-wife team with a talent for free-flowing, organic styling. Their aesthetic puts an emphasis on texture, movement, shape, and palette.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Kaleidoscope Floral is a Naples go-to for chic florals, whether for weddings and events or just adding some vibrance to your home,” says Jennifer Adams, editor of The Scout Guide Naples. “In addition to the flower business, there’s also Kaleidoscope Home, a storefront brimming with beautiful, handcrafted home goods and gifts, as well as a build-your-own flower bar with a variety of unique blooms sold by the stem.”

Photography by Anastasiia Photography

FLORIST: Blossoms Creative
LOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina
WHAT THEY OFFER: Blossoms Creative specializes in florals and event design for weddings and corporate events. They love a challenge and enjoy participating in all aspects of decor—from floral, custom building, tabletop and lighting, to the smaller details of boutonnières, escort card displays, and cocktail napkins. In addition, they create individual arrangements for any occasion.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Creativity is certainly this floral studio’s specialty. Their appreciation for flowers is evident in every single arrangement,” says Meagan Harris, editor of The Scout Guide Asheville. “They use the freshest florals—locally harvested whenever possible.”

Photo courtesy of PIGMINT

LOCATION: Fayetteville, Arkansas
WHAT THEY OFFER: PIGMINT started out in a borrowed airstream on the side of the road and has grown into one of Arkansas’s brightest and best flower shops. Their goal is to provide the freshest flowers and an outstanding customer experience every time, designing each bouquet by hand and sourcing flowers from farms that live up to their high ethical standards.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Giving or receiving a gift from PIGMINT is a big deal,” says Rebekah Lawrence, editor of The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas. “There’s something about a PIGMINT arrangement or signature gift box that makes your heart skip a beat—the vibrant array of colors, uniqueness of the flowers themselves, the unexpected floral (or candle) fragrance that fills a room and the oh-so-good statement ribbon—perfection!”


FLORIST: John Mark Enterprises
LOCATION: Germantown, Tennessee
WHAT THEY OFFER: John Mark has a southern charm in his style and specializes in creating floral pieces for the home. He is a superb event florist, especially weddings.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “John Mark knows how to bring joy to anyone and everyone through his work,” says Stephanie Stephens, editor of The Scout Guide Memphis & Oxford. “His decor, florals, and everything he sells in the store are so charming and beautiful. Anyone who works with John Mark and his team won’t regret it.”

Photo Courtesy of John Friedman Flowers

FLORIST: John Friedman Flowers
LOCATION: Houston, Texas
WHAT THEY OFFER: Since 2003, John Friedman Flowers has been one of Houston’s leading luxury floral artisans. This premier floral design studio and brand is based on a John’s signature style and attention to detail. Serving the city, region, and state of Texas and beyond, John Friedman Flowers is part of large-scale corporate installations, permanent residential decor, restaurants, special events, and weddings.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “John brings beauty to our community at every opportunity. He turned our photoshoot for his shared spread with Alspaugh’s Boutique for The Scout Guide Houston, Volume 5 into an event with the most exquisite floral display,” says Patti Mackey, editor of The Scout Guide Houston. “It was an outdoor photoshoot on the esplanade of a busy thoroughfare, and cars were stopping to see how John transformed the landscape!”

Photo courtesy of The Scout Guide New Orleans

FLORIST: Dunn and Sonnier
LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana
WHAT THEY OFFER: In the spirit of his city, Stephen’s look is very Francophile—which, in floral terms, translates to short and tight arrangements. Stephen loves filling the extraordinary with flowers—roses in an antique planter, orchids in a clamshell, and even succulents in a casserole dish. The uniqueness and individuality put into every single piece is what makes this business so different from any other flower shop.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Bask in the beauty of a secret garden experience at Dunn & Sonnier’s exquisitely appointed antiques and flower shop. Stephen Sonnier is the most sought after florist in New Orleans and his signature arranging style is built on gorgeous, one-of-a-kind antique containers and a more-is-more philosophy,” says Taylor Morgan, editor of The Scout Guide New Orleans. “Can’t make it for a visit but want to make a good impression? Call Stephen and let him work his magic.”

Photo courtesy of Camelback Flowershop

FLORIST: Camelback Flowershop
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona
WHAT THEY OFFER: Modern-minimal reigns at this flower shop-greenhouse that specializes in using mostly locally grown flowers for their arrangements that are updated daily on their “same-day delivery” website. Attention to detail is paramount to their business, and you can see this throughout the shop while walking through copious amounts of fresh flowers, curated home objects, and gifts.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Camelback Flowershop’s artfully designed arrangements reflect a beautifully balanced approach to elegant floral design and refined minimalism. Store owner Teresa Wilson’s signature design-forward floral style appeals to a range of aesthetics, elevating any room, table, or event with chic simplicity,” says Sasha Clements, editor of The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale. “The impeccably curated collection of pottery, unique gifts, and pre-made gift boxes—filled with locally made cookies, candy, signature candles, and letterpress greeting cards—round out the collections at the Valley’s premier floral studio.“

Photography by Carolynn Seibert

FLORIST: Forage Floral Co.
LOCATION: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
WHAT THEY OFFER: Dedicated to being a “breath of fresh air” in the southern floral industry, Forage is committed to creating beautiful, foam-free floral designs.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “In addition to our fond appreciation of Forage’s personalized approach to creating breathtaking floral arrangements, we especially love their efforts in working to be a sustainable design studio that prioritizes locally-sourced blooms and waste reduction,” says Kaleigh Porcelli, editor of The Scout Guide Baton Rouge.

Photography by Jason Kindig

FLORIST: Peacock Farm & Flower
LOCATION: Fort Worth, Texas
WHAT THEY OFFER: An urban flower farm specializing in hand-picked, locally grown blooms served up from flower trucks. Their designs are bright and have an organic, garden-feel.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Proud owner of two of the most adorable flower trucks you’ve ever seen popping up all over Fort Worth, flower farmer Mauri Williams grows the majority of the blooms she sells in her own backyard,” says Leigh Brown, editor of The Scout Guide Fort Worth. “Organically grown and hand-picked with love, these arrangements will bring joy and a smile to anyone’s face!”