Millwork 101: An Inside Look at the Artistry

Originally published by THE SCOUT GUIDE on August 25, 2022.

Whether you’re restoring, renovating, or building from the ground-up, utilizing a millwork specialist is what offers not only the finishing touches, but the grounding elements to your home. We asked four scouted millwork specialists across the country to share the importance and significance of their craft, and explain why this artisan element is the ultimate icing on your home. To find a millwork expert near you, browse The Scout Guide Directory.

The right wood choice matters. When you hire an expert architect or millwork shop, Brent Hull, founder/owner of Hull Millwork and Hull Homes in Fort Worth, Texas, explains that a part of what you’re paying for is knowledge about wood species. For example, pine used today by mass window and door companies will last five to 10 years because the wood quality is low. An expert will search for wood that is old growth, will stand the test of time, and has a history of being decay and rot resistant. You may pay a bit more for these options, but you are more likely to get a lifetime’s use—or more—out of them. Hanbury further details with wood finishes coming back in vogue, working with an artisan who not only knows which wood works best for each situation, but is also able to source desirable varieties like Italian sycamore, European white oak, and pecky cypress, is key. 

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