Healthcare Meets Fashion for "Know Your Genes" Brunch

A variety of colorful garments on wooden hangers neatly displayed on a rack, featuring diverse textures and patterns, capturing the essence of The Scout Guide's curated fashion style.

Earlier this month, The Scout Guide Fort Worth had the privilege of partnering with new TSG Member and leader in healthcare, Baylor Scott & White Health, for a morning of connection, learning, and fashion. Aptly named, the Know Your Genes event fused fashion with healthcare to outfit attendees with valuable insights about how genetics influence overall health and a few new denim-inspired looks. Photography by Canon Elizabeth Photography.

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Hosted at the beautiful Colonial Country Club, the morning began with a panel discussion featuring several of Fort Worth’s leading female physicians. Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth and Baylor Scott & White Heart & Vascular Hospital organized an impressive lineup. Moderated by Texas Rangers Sideline Reporter and The Mom Game Podcast co-host, Emily Jones, the discussion explored the implications of genetics on overall health and the importance of being proactive (vs. reactive) about our health. We were thrilled to hear from the following experts:

Certified Genetic Counselor Nicole Cullum, MS, CGC;

Trinity Vista Dermatology Founder, Dermatologist, Dermatopathologist, and Volume 10 Member Allison Readinger, MD;

Vivi Women’s Health OBGYN and Volume 10 Member Angela Mirzadeh, DO;

Cardiologist Srujana Chakilam, MD

Medical Oncologist, Ann-Margaret Ochs, DO.

The renowned specialists discussed everything from heart health and reproductive health to the best ways to protect your skin and how being proactive can directly impact life expectancy.

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Use a daily sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ or higher, and make sure you re-apply every hour if you’re going to be out in the sun.

Yearly proactive screenings can help you understand your risk for genetically linked cancers. 

Having a family history of some cancers qualifies you to have genetic screenings

Some heart conditions can be linked to your family genetics including high blood pressure and coronary artery disease

Through exercise and healthy habits, your risk of these conditions decreases. 

    A fashion model in a vibrant blue suit and stylish sunglasses confidently strides down a runway at The Scout Guide event, with applauding audience members seated around elegantly set tables, watching intently as natural light fills the room from large windows.

    Following a lively and informative discussion, guests enjoyed a beautiful fashion show featuring looks incorporating denim (which just so happens to be a current fashion trend), courtesy of Fort Worth’s favorite boutiques. Volume 10 Members including Birdie, Bette’s, Esther Penn, JAG Jewelry & Goods, Gather Goods and You Are Here alongside Volume 11 member Keeping Up With the Joneses styled fabulous looks for the season ahead. Special thanks to our models, many of whom work in the healthcare field….

    Thank you to the owners of our boutiques who modeled their own looks alongside our additional models, many of which included ladies in the healthcare field.

    Katherine French, a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with Baylor Scott & White’s Heart and Vascular Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab.

    Bethany Stover, a Social Worker with Baylor Scott & White’s – Fort Worth’s Comprehensive Care Management department.

    Lauren Hunsicker, a Social Worker with Baylor Scott & White’s – Fort Worth’s Comprehensive Care Management department.

    Antoinette Geren, a Breast Cancer Patient Navigator with Baylor Scott & White’s – Fort Worth’s Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center.

    Karey Lannom, an Executive Administrator with Baylor Scott & White’s – Fort Worth’s Andrews Women’s Hospital.

    Kaylee Jones, an Anesthesiology Residency Program Coordinator with Baylor Scott & White’s – Fort Worth’s Graduate Medical Education.

    Laura Davidson, a Labor & Delivery Nursing Supervisor with Baylor Scott & White’s – Fort Worth’s Andrews Women’s Hospital.

    Bekah Pollock, Owner of Hale House modeled some of her own looks!  

    Judy Jones Rotzoll, Owner of Keeping Up With The Joneses, modeled some of her own looks!  

    Andrea Wilson, Modeled for JAG, Owner of William Campbell Gallery. 

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    After the fashion show, guests shopped runway looks in an intimate shopping experience. Participating boutiques offered a curated collection of fashion forward styles for attendees to shop all in one place.

    We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with Baylor Scott & White Health for this wonderful event. Thank you to the incredible physicians, inspiring boutiques, and photographer Canon Sawyer for collaborating with us. And, of course, thank you to our guests for joining us for an educational, local-loving event. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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