Getting to Know Rattikin Title

Getting to Know Rattikin Title

In recognition of Rattikin Title’s 75+ years of service and deep roots in Fort Worth, we wanted to walk down memory lane with our #Scouted member and revisit a few of the most defining years in their storied history. From throwing their sovereign title plant from a second-story window to their tradition of keeping leadership in the family, follow along… 


1916 | Founder, Jack Rattikin Sr. graduates from the University of Texas Law School and returns to Fort Worth to begin his career in the Title industry.

1943 | Jack Sr. is gifted a title plant, with one stipulation: the entire plant must be moved from its existing building by 5:00pm that evening. Jack Sr. hires a trucking company and tosses the cards from the second story window to the truck. 

1944 | Rattikin Title is officially formed, taking up residence in the First National Bank Building at 7th and Houston. 

From Sundance Square to the Bass Performance Center, Rattikin Title is deeply tied to Fort Worth, and has closed almost every piece of property in Downtown Fort Worth.  

1969 | Jack Sr. passes leadership title to Jack Jr. 

From left to right, Jack Rattikin Jr. and Jack Rattikin III

Like their commitment to Fort Worth, Rattikin Title is deeply dedicated to family. All three of Rattikin Title’s CEOs have been Rattikin men who grew up in the business. 

2004 | Jack Jr. passes leadership to Rattikin Title’s third and most current CEO, Jack Rattikin III. 

“Our local community is vitally important to us. We encourage our staff, family and friends to support local businesses, retailers, restaurants and sports teams within our community.” Jack Rattikin III 

2019 | Rattikin Title celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

2020 | Rattikin Title continues to serve Fort Worth as an essential business.

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