A Simple & Refreshing Summer Salad

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Summer is filled with many delights, but none such as the farm-fresh vegetables and fruits picked up at a local farmer’s market. Inspired by the seasonal offerings, Claudia Sheddy of My Sweet Roots developed this bright and refreshing summer salad that’s the perfect prelude to a barbeque dinner. Looking for more easy, healthy dishes? Follow along with My Sweet Roots on Instagram and tap her for Meal Delivery, Catering, and Personal Chef services.



Sliced peaches

Danish blue cheese


Fresh garden herbs

Mixed greens


Balsamic Vinaigrette

Instructions: This is a simple one! Upgrade your dressing by going homemade – combining balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and seasoning to taste. Then, muddle fresh raspberries for the fabulous finishing touch!

Whether you’re looking to diversify your go-to recipes, simplify weeknight meals, or impress guests, Claudia and her team at My Sweet Roots are one of our city’s rare gems. Learn more about her services and recipes here. And don’t forget to tell her Scout sent you!