6 Reasons Your Littles Should Be Dancing

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Keeping the little ones entertained and active during hot summer months – much less a summer where camps + classes are limited – can be tough. Then trying to stay active yourself? Even more complicated! That’s why we reached out to our resident expert, Meg Minter, owner of Studio of MoveMINT, to chat about something we can all do: dance!

Whether we think we have the moves or not, Meg gave us excellent advice + resources for how and why we should be dancing. From the six reasons dance is great for little ones of all ages + interests to curated playlists and a fun cardio with kids workout video, keep reading!

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Fitness & Anatomical Awareness 

Of course, dance is great physical activity for your children. Dance is a fun way to get your child moving, and as they get older, it becomes a real workout! While keeping them engaged, your little dancer can blow off some energy – all while learning about their anatomy, alignment, and bones.


Like other sports and activities, dance requires commitment and discipline. Dancers must listen and learn from their teachers. It is when dancers commit to improving their craft that they see the most results. Finding a passion in dance teaches littles to commit and find self-discipline. 


Few athletic activities evoke creativity the way dance does. As an art form, dance is about expressing your feelings and emotions through moveMINT. Dance gives many little ones a place to express their emotions and feelings through creative moveMINT. 


Dance empowers your little one to work hard and create beautiful moveMINT along the way. Dance has a way of instilling confidence in little ones when they work hard. There is a special kind of pride that comes from learning new skills, and with dance, your child will never run out of new skills to improve upon, growing in confidence every time.  

Cultural Awareness 

Dance is rooted in cultures from around the world. Learning about other cultures or learning new languages can seem intimidating to most children, but dance allows little ones to start learning from other cultures very early on! Whether it’s French ballet terms, the beats of African tribal music or the technicalities of Russian ballet, dance is a great way for children to learn and appreciate other cultures.  


Perhaps the greatest benefit of all, dance allows children to meet new friends that they often form close relationships with! Spending time working on a common goal, like a dance, with friends is certain to bond them together. Dancers also will develop close mentorships with dance teachers who want the best for them. Dance offers the opportunity for your littles to make some of the best friends ever!  



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