5 Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

Photography by Canon Elizabeth Photography.

Recently, we shared the details on how our editor’s pantry went from overwhelming to Insta-ready with the help of our Volume 7 experts at The Organized Nest. This month, we’re sharing 5 tips + tricks from Professional Organizers and Organized Nest Owners, Whitney and Debbie, so you can turn your stress-inducing household catchall into the delightfully organized pantry it was always intended to be.

Keep it together, then keep it accessible with lazy Susans.

Keep it Together

The easiest way to create an organizational system you’ll stick to is to group ‘like items’ together. Breakfast items, snacks, pasta, spices – they all belong in a designated space. Easy to grab, and easy to put back when you know exactly where it belongs!

Clear bins for groceries, snacks, canned products…Tiered shelves are great for spices.

2. Good By

Check expiration dates on the regular. “True story, we’ve found spices dating back to 1982, which is not a good look (or smell!)” – says Whitney. Toss anything that is expired or donate food that you know won’t get used by the purchase-by date.

Clear canisters make it easy to see when you’re running low on household essentials!

3. Clear’s the Way

Decant flour, sugar and other baking items. Not only does this keep things clean, you’ll be able to tell when you’re running low on supplies. We love the clear acrylic bins and OXO containers from The Container Store.

Clear canisters are a great way to keep an eye on your stock levelsMaintain a clean look by decanting into identical canisters.

4. Put a Label on It

Label, label, label! This will help you (and your family) put things in the right place and maintain your organizational system. We like to give a broad label for items like “snacks” as opposed to saying “Goldfish.” It allows you to change up the item without switching out the label entirely.

Don’t forget to add new drawer liners for your shelves!Keep your categories together with the help of clear bins.

5. Top of Mind

To maintain an organized, clutter-free pantry, it’s important to keep your family’s food consumption in mind. How much do you actually use? How often cam you make it to the store? If you do buy in bulk, make sure you have space for those 36 bags of chips! Alternatively, you can designate an overflow section in a nearby cabinet.

Keep things off the floor and looking pretty with beautiful baskets.

Looking for more tips or help tackling your next organizational project? Reach out to The Organized Nest and tell them Scout sent you!