2024 Fort Collins Father's Day Gift Guide

A sophisticated setting featuring a crystal glass of whiskey on the rocks alongside dice, domino pieces, and chess pieces atop a book titled "The Scout Guide," hinting at a luxurious leisure activity.

Stumped on what to buy for the guy who has it all? Our roundup of local gifts is full of unique finds that are sure to make him smile. Shop small this Father’s Day by stopping in store, and be sure to tell them Scout sent you!

Close-up of a stylish gray suit jacket with a unique pocket square featuring a pattern of purple skulls wearing hats, indicative of The Scout Guide's emphasis on distinctive local flair. A tag with the text "BESPOKE EDGE MEN'S CUSTOM CLOTHING" is visible, showcasing the garment's custom design. A black button with an emblem is also present near the pocket.

Bespoke Edge

Surprise dad with a custom sportcoat by visiting the Bespoke Edge Fort Collins showroom. By appointment only.

2580 E Harmony Rd #305, Fort Collins. 970.231.4588

A sculpture resembling a pyramid made of layered stone showcasing varied earthy tones stands prominently against a blurred background, reminiscent of an artifact one might find while exploring the curated local gems highlighted in The Scout Guide.

Nature’s Own

For the dad that spends a lot of time reading or working in an office, these beautiful onyx bookends are the perfect gift.

201 Linden Suite # 101, Fort Collins. 970.484.9701

Man in outdoor attire loading a large gray duffel bag with orange and navy blue trim into a vehicle; a rustic setting evokes the spirit of The Scout Guide.


Made from 100% polyester, this Cache Carryall Duffle is just the gift for the outdoors dad.

401 Linden St Unit 101, Fort Collins. 970.889.4756

A brown leather wallet with visible stitching lies on a wooden surface, portraying an elegant and rustic style associated with The Scout Guide ethos.

Homage Leatherworks

Handmade in Fort Collins, this card wallet is crafted from “Museum” calfskin from Italy.

Items available online, as well as custom order placed.

A row of wine bottles from Ten Bears Winery, displayed in front of a wooden wine rack, featuring labels with an image of a bear and various wine types like River Red, Raspberry, Symphony, Passion, Overland Trail, and Syrah, associated with The Scout Guide.

Ten Bears Winery

Using French Oak Aging and an exclusive Winter Hibernation Process, Ten Bears Winery grow their own grapes right here in Northern Colorado. Go visit and pick up a bottle of dad’s favorite.

5114 N County Rd 23 E, Laporte. 970.566.4043

Three separate sections of a billiard cue are displayed against a white background. The leftmost section showcases an elaborately designed butt with geometric patterns in black, white, red, and natural wood tones, bearing the Lucasi Custom logo. The middle section features the sleek, uninterrupted design of the cue shaft with a single black ring near the joint area. The rightmost section displays the natural wood grain of the forearm with a black ring accent near its joint, contributing to the sophisticated aesthetics consistent with The Scout Guide’s appreciation for finely crafted items.

Front Range Pool Table Company

If your dad is a billiards guy, treat him to a new custom pool cue that will last for years to come.

1600 E Mulberry St Unit#3, Fort Collins. 970.419.0816

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