tsg-rug-roundup-blueprint-jenkinsWhile an exquisite room is more than the sum of its parts, one must admit that a great rug is one element that can pull it all together. As proven by this gorgeous space by Jenkins Interiors, one of the parent design companies of Dallas-based store Blue Print, investing in the perfect piece for your floor doesn’t just anchor the overall look, it can elevate all of the furnishings and create a strong, cohesive whole.

tsg-rug-roundup-kara-adam-nola-rugsA neutral rug with a subtle pattern, while not statement-making, ties everything together and adds sophistication. The selection in the room by Dallas’s Kara Adam Interiors (top) carries out the soft neutral palette while introducing a fresh yet unobtrusive new pattern that one won’t soon tire of. The same effect can be achieved with a more traditional option, like the antique turkish oushak rugs shown above, available at New Orleans’s Nola Rugs; wool and one-of-a-kind, they will stand the test of time and add richness to any room.

tsg-rug-roundup-janie-molsterMixing, matching, and layering rugs is one of our favorite looks, and Richmond-based Janie Molster Designs does it beautifully in the above living area. Keeping the colors consistent in each section of the space creates continuity, yet each segment has its own vibe, and layering an oriental over a sisal rug frames a space within a space and pulls the elements together to create an irresistible coziness. (The Golden Retriever helps, too!)

Focusing exclusively on hand-knotted and hand-woven rugs, the selections available at Charlotte Rug Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina (shown top and above, right) are utter works of art, and incorporating one into the home is like investing in an heirloom that will be used and appreciated every day. W Design in Cleveland’s project (shown above, left) demonstrates how stunning a colorful stair runner can be when paired with light walls and hardwood.

tsg-rug-round-up-blue-print-collinsHow wonderful is this rug, shown in a project by Blue Print‘s other parent design company, Collins Interiors? It doesn’t just coordinate, it adds a burst of cheer that beautifully complements the more neutral elements in the room.

tsg-rugh-roundup-McKinneyWe love the warmth and depth that the red rug brings to this clean, contemporary project by Austin-based McKinney York Architects. See additional images of the room in the stunning Austin loft—including the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling wall of bookshelves—here.

tsg-rug-roundup-blueprint-herlongA beautiful blue oriental rug, ample natural light, and an antique writing desk make the entryway by Collins Interiors (left) oh so inviting, while a similarly hued rug brings color and a sense of coziness to the fireside scene in a project by Charleston-based Herlong & Associates (right).

tsg-rug-roundup-bochner-designThis room by Savannah’s Mary Jo Bochner is beautifully serene with its neutral palette, natural elements, and layered rugs that tie together the varied hues and provide wonderful additional texture.