Five Firsts With Jennifer Adams, Editor of The Scout Guide Naples

Photography by Audrey Snow Owen.

We’re always hoping to make a good first impression, and that first-time readers of The Scout Guide will put the publication down feeling inspired to learn more about the featured businesses—and, if they’re out-of-towners, to seek out (or start) a guide in their own hometown. In this series, we talk to our editors about their TSG “firsts,” from their first encounter with The Scout Guide to the first business they approached to be in the guide and more. Read on to learn about how The Scout Guide Naples editor Jennifer Adams discovered the brand, and what it was like to launch her first volume. 

When did you first discover The Scout Guide?

I remember picking up the very first volume of The Scout Guide Naples at a local boutique and falling in love with the concept, the mission, and the quality of the guide. I showed it to my husband and said, “I wish I had done this!” Nine years later, I’m grateful every day that I get to be a TSG editor.

What made you decide to become an editor?

In 2020 my husband and I were considering a move to Savannah, Georgia. I’d long loved TSG so I reached out to HQ to inquire about reopening the market there. At the same time, the Naples market had recently become available, and because of my familiarity with the town and many of its local businesses—and some encouragement from HQ—I ultimately decided to stay in Naples. I’m so glad I did!

Prior to joining TSG, I worked in magazine journalism, marketing, blogging, copywriting, and social media management. TSG editors wear a lot of hats, but I’m lucky that my past career experiences created somewhat of a perfect storm! Combining all my professional passions and having the opportunity to work closely with such amazing and inspiring business owners feels like more of a privilege than a job.

Tell us about the first business you approached to be in the guide.

I was fortunate to have acquired a market where TSG already had a strong presence. The first business I approached that hadn’t been in TSG before was Jet 1, a private aviation service company. I knew I wanted to expand the variety of businesses featured in TSG Naples, and with so many seasonal residents here, private aviation made perfect sense. We’ve had a great time over the past year working with their team and creating fun, engaging content together for our social channels.

“An editor’s role is more than filling pages in a beautiful guide. At its core it’s about creating relationships and working to build the sense of community.”

What was it like to launch your first volume?

Volume 9 was my first volume and the first for Naples after a year-long hiatus during Covid, so there were some nerves about how it would be received in this “new normal” climate. Thankfully, Naples is a community that embraces all things local, and small business owners are eager to collaborate and support one another. There are many moving parts in the production process, from sales to photo shoots to event planning to printing, and each stage challenged me and taught me something new.

What’s the first thing you would tell a prospective editor?

An editor’s role is more than filling pages in a beautiful guide. At its core it’s about creating relationships and working to build the sense of community that TSG represents—and that’s what sets it apart.

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