Five Firsts with Leigh Gordon, Owner of The Scout Guide Denver

Five Firsts Denver: Leigh Gordon poses in front of sculpture in field in Denver ColoradoPhotography by Sara Ford Photography.

We’re always hoping to make a good first impression, and that first-time readers of The Scout Guide will put the publication down feeling inspired to learn more about the featured businesses—and, if they’re out-of-towners, to seek out (or start) a guide in their own hometown. In this series, we talk to our editors about their TSG “firsts,” from their first encounter with The Scout Guide to the first business they scouted and more. Read on to learn about how The Scout Guide Denver editor Leigh Gordon discovered the brand, the first business she scouted, and what it was like to launch her first volume.

When did you first discover The Scout Guide?

My story is a bit unique as my sister, Susie Matheson, is the co-founder of The Scout Guide, so The Scout Guide has been a part of my life in one way or another since the very beginning.  I didn’t become a part of The Scout Guide community though, until 2018 when I took over the Denver market.

What made you decide to become an editor?

I was living in California when the opportunity to move back and take over the Denver guide came up. The stars aligned. I was looking for something to bring me back to Colorado and I couldn’t think of a better job than to support small business owners. My favorite things about being an owner of The Scout Guide is meeting all the people who are doing what they love to do and spreading the word about their businesses in our community. Small business owners are really the coolest people!

“My favorite thing about being an owner of The Scout Guide is meeting all the people who are doing what they love to do and spreading the word about their businesses in our community.”

Tell us about the first business you approached to be in the guide?

The first business I was excited to reach out to was Plum Sage Flowers. The owner, Erin Hornstein, married a high school friend of mine and I’ll never forget seeing a photo from their wedding of Erin holding a floral parasol she created—it just screamed The Scout Guide! I was happy she jumped on board right away that first year I took over the guide.

What was it like to launch your first volume?

There are so many emotions every time a new guide comes out. When I got to hold it for the first time, I held my breath while flipping through the pages.  The guides are always so beautiful to look through but when you were the one curating it, on set at every photo shoot, and seeing the final spreads fully designed, it definitely hits a different way. I was very proud and I look forward to that moment each year!

What’s the first thing you would tell a prospective editor?

There are so many aspects to owning The Scout Guide, the biggest one I always like to put front and center is the fact that we get to create and curate a community of wonderful people who are doing what they love and sharing it with our community. I think if you keep that as your north star, you’ll be very fulfilled owning The Scout Guide.

To learn more about Leigh and The Scout Guide in her area, visit The Scout Guide Denver website and follow The Scout Guide Denver on Instagram. Learn more about starting The Scout Guide in your city here.