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Women's Wellness Retreat in Colombia with Life Coach Maria Brito Huntsville Alabama

Women’s Wellness Retreat in Colombia with Life Coach Maria Brito

February 25 - February 29

The Feminine Way Retreat

The first in Maria’s pilgrimage series, this retreat is a much-needed sacred pause for every woman wanting to connect to their feminine essence. 

In the land of the last four existing indigenous tribes (Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo people) ancestors of the pre-Hispanic Civilization, known as the Tayrona. The ones that still practice and follow the Tayrona belief of “Aluna”, which is the belief that all reality is created by thought.  We will do some deep self-love work nestled in the jungle within the shadow of the Sierra Nevada.  Nestled under the shade of majestic coconut palms is a place where you can disconnect from the hectic world and appreciate the simpler things in life.  We will connect with the elements, enjoy the sun, the empty virgin beaches, the fresh salt air and the unforgettable panoramic seascapes.  This magical place is a relaxing world where time moves slowly and you can truly disconnect and reflect.

It is time for you to rebel, renew, and receive.

This is for the ceremonialist within you, the woman that loves celebrating life.  Each day will be filled with beautiful celebrations.  Immersed in breath-taking surroundings that entices all the senses and adventures that will rekindle your passions, you will return renewed, feeling empowered and ready to make some powerful shifts happen in your life.