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Weiser River Music Festival

June 13 - June 15

Don’t miss the 6th annual Weiser River Music Festival! Come immerse yourself in a world of rhythm and melodies again hosted at Burlap n Buds flower farm beautifully nestled along the Snake River in Weiser, Idaho! We’ve put together an extraordinary lineup of the best local, regional and national acts for a thrilling three-day event! Come camp along the Snake River and enjoy the best music in the Northwest.

Come, and be captivated by a luscious mix of Bluegrass, Country, Americana, Folk, Southern Rock and Jam Bands that will light your soul on fire! Weiser River Music Festival is no ordinary music festival. Revel in the delightful ambiance created by fellow music lovers gathered in the beauty and serenity of leafy trees, green grass, vibrant flowers, the flowing river, and great music!