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The Awakening Retreat in Puerto Rico with Life Coach Maria Brito Huntsville Alabama

The Awakening Retreat in Puerto Rico with Life Coach Maria Brito

July 11 - July 14

We find the answers we seek when we begin to listen to our deepest being.  We awaken our potential and remember who we are. The second in Maria’s pilgrimage series of retreats focusing on the feminine way of being and living, she is taking us to a small island just a short ferry or airplane ride away from mainland Puerto Rico.  Finca Victoria is the perfect setting for the deep self-exploration and replenishment work we will be doing. 

for the ones ready to level up and rekindle their magic.

For the woman that is ready to relinquish the daily hustle and bustle of their life and just feels she needs to make time to stop and focus on her deepest desires. Whether you find yourself at a major or minor crossroads in your life,  you know something needs to shift in order to cross over and step into your fullness.  As women, our intuition is speaking to us constantly, presenting us with possibilities.  At times these possibilities may seem out of reach and at other times we may be feeling a deep urge that this is the time to take action.  This may bring up fear and uncertainty.  All that is needed is some clarity.  You will be introduced to some liberating power-retrieval practices and will experience daily energetic clearing sessions. Think of it as an obstacle-detox.  Clearing out, and honoring our “life passages” in order to declare new truths for ourselves.


this is for you if you…

are longing to feed your soul with some sweet peace

are ready to see your life be transformed

are wanting to learn healing modalities to help you up-level

want to experience growth-based practices with other like-minded women

want to work with a women’s empowerment coach, learn about your own unique human design and shift your unconscious patterns

are ready to detox your body and experience nourishing Ayurvedic meals each day

want to explore what clearing blocks based on limited thinking is all about