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A care package with a pink ribbon sits open, revealing a collection of spa items like bath bombs and scented candles. A person in a polka dot pink sleeve reaches into the box amidst a vibrant backdrop that speaks to a sense of curated self-care and indulgence fitting the Scout Guide's aesthetic of local treasures and high-quality finds.

Pop-Up at The Perk House

May 18 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Alt text: Invitation to a pop-up event at The Perk House featuring pastel-colored gift boxes and items, accented with a green striped bow, set against a background with yellow and pink vertical stripes and event details for a gathering on Saturday, May 18th. The image suggests a celebration of shopping and gifting, with mentions of teacher gifts, Father's Day, summer birthday gifts, tablescapes, and grab-and-go gifts, to be held at a location in Dallas, TX, in a layout resonant with The Scout Guide aesthetics.

Head to the Enjoy The Perk shopping pop-up to grab gifts for teachers, Father’s Day, summer, birthdays, tablescapes, hostess gifting, and more! Follow Enjoy The Perk on Instagram for more events and updates.

10439 Shadow Bend Dr. Dallas, TX, 75230