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Exclusive Artist Talk and Book Signing Event with Beverly Penn at William Campbell Gallery

February 21 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

William Campbell Gallery (WCG) is excited to announce an exclusive artist talk and book signing event with Beverly Penn to celebrate her current exhibition and the release of her first comprehensive monograph, Beverly Penn: Foregrounding. The event will take place at 217 Foch Street on Wednesday, February 21, from 5:30–7:00 PM.

During the artist talk portion of the evening, Penn will engage in conversation with Mr. Bill Campbell, offering attendees an intimate glimpse into her creative process and the inspiration behind the work featured in the WCG exhibition Symbiosis: Nature Revealed. Beverly Penn’s sculptures recontextualize botanical elements and embody the resilience of nature through the timeless medium of bronze, delicately crafted to memorialize plants. Her subjects are often small, delicate stems with berries or leaves presented either in their individual forms or carefully arranged into large sculptures. Penn’s intention, as described by the artist herself, is “to encourage a more mutually beneficial relationship between people and the natural world.”

The event will conclude with a book signing by the artist. Beverly Penn: Foregrounding marks the first sweeping examination of the acclaimed artist’s expansive 30-year career. Through her fascinating metalwork, Penn brings attention to botanical systems and emphasizes the fundamental role of plants in human life and existence. The monograph showcases Penn’s main bodies of work, including her ongoing projects such as Weeds: Plexus, Weeds: Chimera, and Weeds: Fractured Landscapes, alongside series like Timelines, Taxonomy, Hybrids, and Arcadia.

The book features rich illustrations accompanied by brief insights into each of Penn’s individual series, providing readers with a profound understanding of her artistic journey. Furthermore, scholarly essays penned by curator Suzanne Ramljak and art historian Kathryn Blair Moore offer invaluable insights into Penn’s work. Additionally, readers will find a conversational interview between Penn and botanist Tanisha M. Williams, providing a unique perspective on her artistic process and inspiration.

Join us for an unforgettable evening celebrating the remarkable career of Beverly Penn. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet the artist, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and purchase signed copies of Beverly Penn: Foregrounding.