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Men's heritage goods products including jackets, boots, fabric samples, etc. laid out at Division Road, Inc. in Scottsville, Virginia.

Division Road, Inc. FALL-WINTER 2023 RESIDENCY

November 11 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Back and bigger than ever, Division Road, Inc. invites their loyal patrons, crafty collectors, and Division Road faithful to join them at The Fields in Scottsville, Virginia this fall for the upcoming Brand Residency — including four all-time shop and fan favorites joining from near and far. De Bonne Facture, Gitman Vintage, Tricker’s, and EasyMoc will be setting up a very special kind of shop at Division Road over Veterans Day weekend, November 10th-12th. Exclusive features and rare opportunities abound — create your own Made-to-Order goods, preview and pre-order unreleased collaborations and capsule collections, engage in demonstrations and topic presentations from the heads of these manufacturing brands, and chat it up with this amazing cast of international characters at a private dinner. This will be the event of the season for heritage goods fans and an extraordinary opportunity to connect, learn, and create with the main players of your favorite brands from across the globe.

RSVP to attend one or both days of pre-orders, previews, and presentations. BOOK a Made-to-Order feature with a specific brand for an exclusive appointment.