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Cologuard Classic

March 3 - March 10

The Cologuard Classic is back. For the 62nd year, the Tucson Conquistadores are hosting the PGA Tour golf tournament. The Cologuard Classic will raise money for colon cancer and provide an opportunity to watch 78 pros battle for the coveted Tucson Conquistadores trophy. The tournament will take place at La Paloma Country Club. from March 8th to 10th with events beginning the 3rd.  Tickets are available for purchase here.


Sunday, March 3rd – Caboose Cup
This 10 am four-person scramble will provide an opportunity to play with friends on the green at La Paloma Country Club while enjoying food and drink on the course. Inquire here.


Monday, March 4th – Tom Murphy Memorial Golf Tournament for Special Events // Professional Practice Round
Celebrate Tom Murphy’s legacy and watch a 3-hole putting event with lunch starting at 9 am.
Walk the course and watch champions warm up before the weekend tournament.


Tuesday, March 5th – Pro-Am Pairing // Professional Practice Round
The Official Pro-Am Pairings Party will take place from 6 to 9 pm at the Westin La Paloma Resort. Celebrate with food, music, and drinks before the Pro-Am begins.
The second day of the professional practice round will take place with the pros.


Wednesday, March 6th – Pro-Am Day 1
Take part in an unforgettable golf experience and play a round with the pros. Enjoy complimentary food and drink, and autographs from the pros. Inquire here.


Thursday, March 7th – Pro-Am Day 2
Enjoy playing with the pros on day two of Pro-Am.


Friday, March 8th – Opening Ceremony Round 1
Celebrate the kickoff of the Cologuard Classic at La Paloma Country Club. The opening ceremony will begin at 9:25 at Hole 15.


Saturday, March 9th – Cologuard Classic Round 2
The second day of the Cologuard Classic will take place Saturday. Be sure to wear blue, the official colon cancer awareness color.


Sunday, March 10th – Cologuard Classic Final Round
Enjoy the final round of the Cologuard Classic and watch the winner be crowned with the Tucson Conquistadores helmet following the 18th hole. Don’t forget a ticket to enjoy the festivities.