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Beads of Courage Pet Parade

May 11 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Beads of Courage is hosting a virtual Pet Parade on Saturday May 11th. Order a Beads of Courage Pet kit and snap a picture of your pet wearing the beads of courage. Once you complete your kit, you can mail back one of the two completed beads of courage sets along with a note that will be sent to a child or teen going through treatment. Beads of courage are provided to children and teens going though cancer, they represent a token of encouragement signifying the bravery and courage of children impacted by cancer.


Graphic for the Beads of Courage Pet Parade event, featuring a silhouette of a person and various animals against an autumn forest backdrop, with the event details and the slogan "Pets make great companions to courage!" displayed prominently. The Scout Guide principles of adventure and companionship are echoed in the theme of the gathering.