Discover The History Of Your Home

Have you ever wondered about the history of your home? Perhaps you’re curious about the unique architecture or maybe you’re simply a history buff. What ever the reason may be, we’re here share a few tips on how you can uncover the secrets and stories behind your home. Keep reading to learn more!

How To Uncover The History Of Your Home

Google Is Your Best Friend

The internet is great for learning new recipes, sharing cute photos of our furry friends, and you guessed it….. Investigating the history of our homes! If you live in Tucson’t historic district and can’t seem to find the information you are looking for on the web, check out these historic district documents by the city of Tucson. You can also try searching the web for old newspaper archives that are easily accessible for public use. Narrow your search by address, neighborhood, or the names of previous owners and see what you can find. 

Get To Know Your Neighbor

Your neighbors can play a crucial role in helping you find the history of your home so don’t be afraid to reach out. They might be willing to share memories and personal anecdotes about your home and its past owners or potentially put you in contact with the previous owners! 

Head To The Library 

Tucson has various libraries filled with books on Tucson’s history and neighborhoods where you may be able to find some valuable information. Try heading over to the main public library located in downtown Tucson,  the University of Arizona Library, or the library found inside the Arizona Historical Society Museum. 

Search The Registry Of Deeds

Try heading over to your local registrar’s office or online website to search for your property’s deed. You will eventually find the previous owner’s name and can then look up the deed for the property when they owned it which will allow you to see who they purchased the property from. 

Ask Your Realtor

Contact your realtor and ask if they have any information about the history of your home. They should be able to assist you in finding the names of previous owners, sharing the history of the neighborhood, and offer insightful tips on where you can find more information. Finding the history of your home can be a rewarding and educational experience! With persistence and a little bit of detective work, you’ll likely be able to uncover the rich history of your building and gain a deeper appreciation for the place you call home.

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