Deskside With Stacey Leuliette, Editor of TSG Palm Beach, TSG Nantucket, TSG Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens, and TSG Hamptons

Originally from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Stacey Leuliette now spends her time between Palm Beach, Florida, and Nantucket, Massachusetts. Prior to living in Palm Beach, she received a business degree from Southern Methodist University, and began her career at Ralph Lauren in merchandising and presentation, which laid the foundation for her design aesthetic and helped her develop a discerning eye for consistency in lifestyle branding, marketing, standards, and directives across all platforms. Making the jump to being a small business owner as editor of The Scout Guide Palm Beach, The Scout Guide Nantucket, The Scout Guide Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens, and The Scout Guide Hamptons was a natural fit for Stacey, who is passionate about supporting independent businesses. Here, the dynamic editor, committed philanthropist, and passionate rollerblader shares her journey to being a TSG multi-market owner. 

TSG: Tell us a little about your background and what brought you to Palm Beach.

SL: I started my career at Ralph Lauren in merchandising and presentation. While there I was schooled in branding, merchandising directives, and the importance of consistency in aesthetics and customer service. After I left Ralph, I opened my own store in Birmingham, Michigan, near the town where I grew up. It was my first experience as an entrepreneur and I loved everything about it. Looking back, I recognize that it was so much work, but it was incredibly rewarding. I also spent time at Saks Fifth Avenue in Palm Beach as their marketing and PR director and at Schumacher as their sales manager for the D.C. region. 

Palm Beach had been like a second home to me for as long as I can remember; my family has always had a home here. 10 years ago, I decided to move here full time. Even though I am a midwesterner at heart, I’m happiest in the sunshine and palm trees!

I discovered The Scout Guide in Washington, D.C., when I was living there and instantly fell in love with the design and presentation. The mission was something I am so passionate about, being an entrepreneur for most of my career! I think it’s so important to support and celebrate local independently owned businesses. They are the backbone of our economy and there is something so incredible to me about the creativity, dedication, and determination of someone who starts their own business. I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, and am happiest at the helm of my own ship.

Stacey Leuliette with photographer Nick Mele. Photography by Nick Mele.

I moved back to Palm Beach in December 2017 after some time in New York. The former editor of TSG Palm Beach and I had our first meeting in July 2018, and she instantly asked me if I wanted to be editor. It was the perfect timing and the perfect fit for me. After owning and running my own store in Michigan and all of my roles in fashion, design, and marketing, I was perfectly prepared to take on the role of an editor. 

It’s always been my intention to be a multi-city editor/owner. I’ve been the editor of Palm Beach and Nantucket for four years, editor of Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens for two, and I’ve recently added TSG Hamptons to my portfolio. There are so many things that I love about this job! I really enjoy the sales and working with my dear friend and noted photographer Nick Mele. We have so much fun putting the guide together and creating something out of nothing. But mainly, I just love connecting with people and the businesses in town. I take great pleasure in helping celebrate and support them. 

Stacey Leuliette with her photographer, Nick Mele, planning a shoot for TSG Palm Beach, Vol. 10. Photography by Camilla Sargent.

TSG: What is a typical day like for you?

SL: As editor of four markets, I am constantly bouncing back and forth between editor duties. My days are always a combination of sales meetings, phone calls with members, planning events, creative planning, and networking. I am currently working on photography for Palm Beach and Jupiter &  Palm Beach Gardens and I’m in sales for Nantucket and the Hamptons. Today I had three shoots for our Jupiter guide, two sales meetings, a series of phone calls with members, and a call planning an event we are doing for The Everglades Foundation at The Royal Poinciana Plaza. I started the day with yoga, as I usually do. My days are long and full, so I try and carve out time for myself the best I can!

TSG: You are juggling a lot! Can you tell us a little bit about your work/life balance?

SL: That’s a loaded question for me. I do the best I can. But honestly, when you love what you do and you run your own business, you never stop thinking about ‘work.’ I am very mindful not to overdo it and take time when I need to rest. But I truly love what I do and during this season of my life, I can dedicate my schedule to it!

Stacey’s dog, Monty Scout. Photography by Rebecca Love Photography.

TSG: How are you enjoying downtime right now?

SL: If I’m not working, you will usually find me on a yoga mat, rollerblading on the lake trail in Palm Beach,  or on a bike at Soulcycle. It’s important to me to move my body as soon as I get up as it sets the tone for my day. I’m also a huge history nerd and love watching history documentaries. I love a good girls’ night, spending time with my parents who live nearby, and you will often find me on the beach with my cavapoo, Monty Scout!

TSG: What do you love most about your city?

SL: The sunshine, the palm trees, and season! “Season” is from Thanksgiving to Easter, and that’s when Palm Beach really shines.  We are becoming more of a year-round city than we have ever been before, and I do love how during the summer we’re a quiet little beach town. But high season is full of activities and events and  it really is unlike anything else!

As a year-round resident, I enjoy shopping around The Royal Poinciana Plaza or exploring the vias on Worth Avenue, lunch at The Colony Hotel, dinners at all of our local favorite restaurants and discovering new ones. I love to spend time on the lake trail that runs around the island. You’ll often find me rollerblading there and spending days at the beach!


Flower: Peonies and  gardenias. Although you will find an absurd amount of white phalaenopsis orchids in my home!
Food: Oysters, sushi, and shellfish.
Book: Most of my favorite books are those that I read in my high school English class with one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Beverly Hannett: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Pat Conroy’s The Great Santini, and J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in The Rye top the list.
Movies: I can’t choose just one! The Sound of Music, The Back to the Future trilogy, and The Notebook.
TV series: Friends. I’ve seen every episode about 1,000 times. Fun fact: I watch all 10 seasons, start to finish, when I edit my guides.
Vacation spot: British Virgin Islands
Piece of clothing: My white jeans and colorful dresses that I wear year-round in Florida!
Time of day: Twilight
Who would you invite to a dinner party, dead or alive: Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Winston Churchill 

Stacey Leuliette with her parents. Photography by Annie Watt Photography.

Real-life heroes: My parents. I am so lucky to have the most wonderful mom and dad. We are very close and having them live nearby is such a blessing.
Motto: Start each day with a grateful heart. 

Feature photo of Stacey Leuliette and Monty Scout on the docks in Jupiter, Florida. Photography by Palm Beach Creative. To learn more about Stacey and her hometown city guides,  follow the Instagram accounts for The Scout Guide Palm Beach, The Scout Guide Nantucket, The Scout Guide Jupiter & Palm Beach Gardens, and The Scout Guide Hamptons. Learn more about starting The Scout Guide in your city here.