Born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, Ginna Wilbanks Eiland began her love affair with Dallas as a student at Southern Methodist University. Upon graduating with a major in art history, she spent several years in New York working for the likes of Proenza Schouler and Christie’s Auction House in addition to earning her Master’s Degree in American Fine and Decorative Art. With this expanded knowledge of art and design, Ginna made the decision to return to Dallas, where, as a longtime fan of The Scout Guide, she was thrilled when the opportunity arose to step into the role of editor. As editor of  The Scout Guide Dallas, Ginna loves highlighting the fabulous business owners and scoping out Dallas’s dynamic art, food, and fashion scenes. The passionate small business advocate, needlepoint obsessive, and live music enthusiast will launch The Scout Guide Dallas, Volume 11 in early-November 2022. 

TSG: What drew you to The Scout Guide?
GE: As a native Virginian, I have been a fan of The Scout Guide and its mission from the time of its early days in Charlottesville. I knew several editors and featured business owners from various TSG cities, including my hometown of Norfolk, Virginia. Having heard firsthand how much people love being a part of TSG—whether working with the brand or for it—I jumped at the chance when the opportunity arose to step into the role of editor.

TSG: Where do you find inspiration?
GE: My clients and their respective businesses and stories constantly inspire me. But I also draw inspiration from daily life and things that I love. Each spread in the guide obviously reflects my clients and their respective visions, but every year I find that I subconsciously imbue my personality into the overall design. I love all things bright and happy, so my color choices for the guides are typically bright and happy as well! I believe that those added personal touches are what help make The Scout Guide so special. You truly can get a feel for each individual TSG city, its editor, and featured businesses by flipping through the various guides from across the TSG network.

Behind the scenes of TSG Dallas Vol. 11 Life Refined shoot.

TSG: What’s a typical day like as a TSG editor?.
GE: That is one of the best things about TSG—there is no typical day! There are certainly seasons to producing the guide, so specific months are busier than others. However, I am in constant contact with my clients no matter where I am in the life cycle of each guide. Whether I am popping into a store to say hello and take pictures for social media, attending an event, heading to a photoshoot, or simply checking in via email, interacting with my wonderful TSG members is always a bright spot in my day. 

Ginna at her TSG Dallas Vol. 10 launch party. Photography by Hannah Vista Photography.

TSG: How are you feeling about the upcoming launch of your latest guide?
GE: Volume 11 comes out November 9 of this year. I can’t wait to celebrate! After five years, the excitement level of launching a new volume is still as high as the first year. It’s the best feeling to bring everyone together to celebrate in person with the wonderful faces featured in the guide. I especially enjoy witnessing new friendships and business collaborations that result from fellow TSG members meeting and networking at the launch.

TSG: Tell us about your work/life balance.
GE: Learning how to “turn it off” at the end of the day was initially tough, especially after making the transition from a corporate job in New York to a work-from-home, self-employed position. For instance, one of the best aspects of this job is the seemingly limitless opportunities to think creatively about how to better share your clients’ stories, products, etc. On the flip side, it is incredibly challenging to shut off that thought process when you’ve been working on it all day. Unless I am in the middle of busy season, I have learned to exit out of my email around 5 p.m. to spend time with my family or friends and shift focus to other things that bring me joy. 

Ginna’s dog Winnie.

TSG: What’s your favorite way to unwind?
GE: As my husband would tell you, I needlepoint like it is my full-time job. I find it so soothing and effective at quieting my mind. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing a canvas come back from the finisher as an adorable ornament. Give me a new needlepoint project, a glass of wine, and my golden retriever, Winnie, snuggled up next to me and I am a happy camper! A fun dinner out or concert with friends always does the trick, too. 


Flower: Snapdragons and peonies. Anything colorful!
Music genre: I’m a huge music lover, so this is hard. Getting very specific, I would probably have to narrow it down to new wave and dream pop genres. I am definitely more of a deep tracks gal versus Top 40 Hits!
Meal: Don’t judge, but my last meal would be a Dominos extra cheese pizza with ranch dressing.
Drink: Aperol Spritz
Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Movie: Rom-coms are my thing. It’s tied between You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill, and The Holiday.
Vacation spot: I love to travel to new places, but longtime favorites are Park City, Utah; London and Ocean Reef, Florida.

Ginna enjoying needlepointing in her Hill House Nap Dress.

Piece of clothing: Hill House Nap Dress or a black leather jacket
Time of day: Golden hour

Ginna with her husband, parents, and sister at her wedding last year. Photography by Carrie Patterson.

Real-life heroes: My parents. My dad is truly the living embodiment of the sentiment “positive mental attitude,” and I have always admired and sought to emulate my mom’s graceful and unwavering strength.
Personal motto: Kindness is key.

Feature photo by Tarin Frantz Photography. To learn more about Ginna and her hometown city guide,  follow the Instagram account for The Scout Guide Dallas. Learn more about starting The Scout Guide in your city here.