All images courtesy of Vivian’s Boutique Spa / Heather Hawkins Photography or TSG Dallas

Last week I spent a lovely afternoon at Vivian’s Boutique Spa. If you have yet to visit the gorgeous location over on the corner of Ross Avenue and Greenville, I highly recommend you book an appointment ASAP! Owner Kristin Barton set out to create a positive environment and personal, welcoming experience for her customers – she absolutely succeeded. Her attention to detail shines through the custom, craftsman-made furniture and the beautiful vintage-inspired decor. We can’t forget to mention the heavenly smell, which is in large part due to the “Whoopie Pie” scented Farmhouse Fresh candles Kristin keeps lit throughout the spa.  


Arrive a bit early to enjoy sipping tea in your plush robe while relaxing in the calming luxury lounge. Vivian’s has a set menu of traditional services – such as the Healthy Gel Mani/Pedi, Swedish Massage and Signature Facial – but also a seasonal rotating menu of specialized or themed SERVICES. CBD has been such a buzz word lately, so I figured I would give their Soothing CBD Oil Muscle Relief Massage and Softening CBD Oil Warm Stone Mani a try!

CBD, or cannabidiol, reduces redness and breakouts, contains skin repairing fatty acids and helps lessen signs of aging. It also works with the body’s natural systems to provide stress relief. As I prefer firm pressure to help loosen overworked muscles, I tend to wake up the day after a massage with some soreness in my back and shoulders. Due to the benefits of the CBD oil, truly none of the typical soreness was present the following day! The oil was also a definite added bonus to my manicure – My hands felt relaxed and extra moisturized. The benefits of CBD oil lived up to the hype and have landed this massage & mani on my go-to list at Vivian’s.  

We are already looking forward to our next visit and wholeheartedly suggest that you go check out the spa for yourself! Book your appointment HERE or call 214-484-4714!