The Lasting Appeal of Print

BY THE SCOUT GUIDE // January 12, 2023

What’s better than curling up in a comfy chair with a steaming mug of tea and…a laptop? Your tablet? The illegible seven-point type on your phone screen? No! You want a book, a magazine or even—O archaic communication medium—a newspaper. Something tactile, carefully edited and expertly assembled. Your ubiquitous devices are great when you’re on the go or in need of a quick news fix, but when you just want to immerse yourself and shut the noise of the world out entirely, you want the power of print. Here’s why.

Print helps spread the word—thoughtfully. Tweets might be more immediate, but imagine being forced to hang out with all (or any) of the people you encounter on social media during a given day. Print has been the primary means of idea exchange since Guttenberg. Every one of The Scout Guide’s more than 75 city guides spread the word about passionate, vibrant small-business owners who enrich their communities every day.

Print celebrates the power of now. Spending time on the internet is like trying to take a sip of Niagara Falls. Print, by contrast, grounds us. Our time with printed material is necessarily intentional. It’s not a moment cast aside while in line at the grocery, while stopped at a traffic light (put down your phone, will you?) or while waiting for dinner to come off the stove. Print fosters a one-on-one connection for a duration of your choosing. It will not shriek at you with links or flashing ads for a pair of slippers you browsed a week ago. There will be no autoplay video.

Print is beautiful. Aesthetics are always top of mind at The Scout Guide. The gold seal on the cover, the thick paper, the gorgeous spreads: No detail goes unconsidered. What results is a beautiful book you can cherish for years to come—a snapshot of the best, worthiest small businesses in your area, a reminder of the benefits of supporting them.

Print engages the senses. Holding a TSG city guide connects you to what’s inside on a deeper level, its tactility and texture offering a much bigger impression and a far more intensely emotional experience than any sterile digital message ever could. 

Print has staying power. All things digital are, by definition, ephemeral. You look and then you’re gone in a flash, off to the next shiny bauble competing loudly for your precious attention. The Scout Guide occupies space in the physical world—every volume’s subtle good looks encourage contemplation rather than distraction, its heft as pleasing to the touch as its appearance is pleasing to the eye. 

When you come across The Scout Guide in your community, it’s always complementary. Pick it up, use it, share it. But if you want immediate satisfaction with delivery right to your front door, check out our online shop here where we have more than 75 city guides to choose from.