We all know the saying, “if these walls could talk…,” hinting at the wild and wistful stories they might tell; but do you realize that your walls are already speaking for you now before you even say a word??

Glass artist Anna Curnes of Anna Lou Glass understands the power of your surroundings, and we’ve talked her into revealing the 5 main tales your walls are telling (or yelling!)

1. What you value:
– Do you value the people in your life, the experiences you’ve had, ideas you agree with, or even just some peace and quiet?
– Whatever it is you value, your walls are revealing that before you even open your mouth!

2. Who you love:
– Is it your friends? Pets? Celebrated people? You?
– Whoever it is you love will show up on your walls, and whoever does not show up is equally as telling.

3. Who you think you are:
– This can be tricky as our walls can tell a story that leave our household visitors confused if there are a lot of conflicting opinions.
– Be choosy and conscious of what you put on your walls as they represent who you want to be just as much as who you are now!

4. What your overall mood is:
– Are your walls super energetic and full? Are they peaceful and tranquil? Are they angry and judgmental?
– So much of the words we use to describe our art are actually describing the overall mood of your home. Why? Because art creates moods, and your walls are tattle-tales.

5. What helps you survive:
– We tend to surround ourselves with what makes us tick, what makes us smile, and what we need to survive our everyday craziness.
– It may not always be happy per say, but our walls will show how we get through the chaos of daily life.

Are you reflecting on your surroundings yet?? Good!
Think your walls are telling the Official Story of You? Congrats!!
Think they’re misleading?? Hon, now’s the time. Fix. It.
Quickest way to do that?


Know what you value (and show it on your walls)

Know who you love (and represent them on your walls)

Know who you think you are or want to be (and add that to your walls)

Know what overall mood you want for your home (and look for art that expresses it)

Know what helps you survive (and thrive! Put that up too)!

You’ll be amazed how little fixes change your entire perspective and alter the feel of your whole home!

So then, when your walls are talking as they always are, you can approve of That message!

Anna Curnes is a glass artist who creates beauty out of brokenness and understands the importance of surrounding yourself with whatever makes you feel amazing. Her unique collection of life-giving glass artwork can be found at WWW.ANNALOUGLASS.COM and seen on IG or fb @annalouglass.