New Year. New Workout. Officially in “SESSION.”

SESSION Pilates studio in Lakewood

We all know that 2021 is a year of new beginnings. Let’s kick that into gear with a new routine! Find a healthy lifestyle with classes from the energetic team at SESSION Pilates. Home-grown, Session is a Dallas-based Pilates studio with many locations about town. From Lakewood to Lovers Lane, SESSIONhas you covered through an innovative take on one of the best workouts available.  We had a chance to chat with Brittany Grignon, founder and owner of SESSION Pilates, on the latest and greatest offered right here in our own scouted neighborhood.

At The Scout Guide Dallas, we see the awesome SESSION Pilates signs in all the coolest locations. How did you get your start here and where all can we find you?

Brittany Grignon, Founder and Owner, SESSION Pilates

Brittany Grignon: After years in the fitness industry, teaching every kind of format you can imagine, I knew reformer Pilates was my passion and that I wanted something different than anything else I had been able to find in the Dallas fitness scene. It can be tough for fitness professionals to make a comfortable life for themselves when they are full-time fitness, and I wanted to change this. Honestly once the idea came to me for SESSION Pilates and how I knew I wanted to run the business differently it was all consuming, but I was still terrified to take the plunge from an instructor to a business owner. I was 29 years old and not exactly in the best financial position of my life!  

Thankfully, I had all the right people in my corner and the space on Fitzhugh and Cole became available at the perfect time. I immediately knew this was where SESSION Pilates would get its start.

SESSION Pilates Studio in Lakewood

I had NO idea the fast success—hugely due to our incredibly talented team and loyal clients—that would follow and eventually make it a no-brainer to expand within Dallas. We have a lot of long-time clients who live in the East Dallas / Lakewood area, and at the time Hillside Village was about to go through a big facelift, so I knew I wanted to get in there quick.

Brandy Leyva, instructor at Uptown SESSION Pilates studio

Fast forward, and two years after we opened our Uptown studio, we were hosting a massive grand opening party at our second location in Lakewood. From here, the story kind of goes the same. We were so lucky to have such a successful start at Lakewood and continued success at Uptown, that fast forward another year and we were celebrating the third anniversary of SESSION Pilates with the opening of our third studio in University Park on Lovers Lane.

SESSION Lovers Lane studioWest Gissinger, Instructor and Director of Quality Control for SESSION Pilates

It’s all kind of crazy when I really sit back and look at the last few years… We never once slowed down. Even when we had to shut down because of COVID, we hit the ground running and did the only thing we definitively knew we had to do, which was bring the SESSION workout into the homes of our clients and continue fostering this community we had built. Like many, we didn’t know what we were doing or where any of this would lead, but we figured it out and had launched the first version of our online platform of on-demand workouts called SESSION@Home two weeks after the shutdown. It was a lifesaver for us, and—although all studios are back open and thriving, which we do not take lightly—SESSION@Home has become an integral part of our brand and will be around as long as we are!

Now we are focusing on 2021 and looking forward to what this year will bring. For us, we are extremely excited that it includes the opening of our fourth studio… coming to Plano in 2021!

Wow! Dallas is a town that loves a good workout and SESSION Pilates is a fantastic resource for us to start the year off right. What does SESSION offer to Pilates fans and beginners that is good for them to know?

BG: You’ve got that right! Dallas is absolutely the place to be if you are a fitness junkie, and we feel incredibly grateful to call it home. In short, we are not your typical reformer Pilates Studio. The SESSION method focuses on quick transitions throughout a beat-based, high intensity, full-body workout. We are known for moving to great music while taking you through innovative Pilates exercises that are sure to serve up a burn.

Judi Moore, Lead Instructor for SESSION

Regardless if you’re a beginner or a pro, we know how to make this workout work for you with modifications and/or advancements when needed. Each class has 12-15 people depending on the studio you’re at, which not only allows for safe social distancing during your workout, but also allows our instructors to keep everyone on the same page, moving together and make adjustments or movement suggestions to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workout. And if you start to wake up feeling muscles you didn’t know you had, you know you’re doing something right!

Yes! Especially as we have all been at home a bit these days. Tell us a little more about how SESSION has adapted and how can we keep up the good vibes when we need (or want) to stay a la casa!

BG: As I briefly mentioned earlier, when we had to shut down due to COVID, there was really never a moment where we stopped working or didn’t know what to do. It’s like we didn’t really let our brain even go there.

We hit the ground running, bought all the equipment we needed and within two weeks had launched SESSION@Home, which now has more than 200 workouts that can be done at home or wherever you are. Of course we do have reformer workouts available for those who have access to a reformer in their home (we release reformer videos bi-weekly), but majority of this platform is mat-based workouts (we release mat videos every week) — all of which are taught by our amazing instructors who have formatted hundreds of workouts with movements that target all the same muscles we burn out on a reformer but with little no to equipment. You can check our the platform at

SESSION@Home Instructors at work!

What a great solution! SESSION@Home sounds so exciting. Speaking of exciting, what do you have planned for SESSION in 2021? 

BG: I’ll keep it short and sweet: SESSION Pilates is coming to Plano in 2021! And we could not be more excited to expand our community of SESSION Soldiers and bring the obSESSION to Plano and its surrounding areas. That’s all I can say for now, but follow us on Instagram and Facebook @sessionpilates — that’s where we will share all the announcements and fun news about the new studio as it comes!

TSG, Lakewood Studio.jpeg

Well, we just can’t say enough good things about what you all do and supporting local! How can we jump into a SESSION Pilates experience right now?

BG: For TSG followers, we are offering a 7-day free trail AND 50% off your first month of SESSION@Home with the promo code: TSG50. Or if you’ve never been in the studio, use the promo code 1STSESSION and your first in-studio class, which is called your “Intro Session,” is on us.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Thank you, Brittany, and we can’t wait to see you soon!

Check out more at SESSION’s website or Instagram page.

By Brigid Seay