Scouted Summer Reading List

Check out our top picks for the perfect summer reading list from fantasy to non-fiction, we have something for everyone!

Evening view of The Scout Guide outside a lit-up bookstore.

Fiction: Welcome to the Hyunam-dong Bookshop by Hwang Bo-Reum

Yeong-ju abandons her old life, once controlled by family and societal expectations, to chase her dreams by opening a bookshop in a quaint Seoul neighborhood. The story follows her journey toward inner peace and business success, highlighting the personal growth of her employees, partners, authors, and customers. This honest and lovely story had to make it onto our summer reading list!

Cover of 'Wild Girls' book, reflecting The Scout Guide ethos with outdoor theme.

Non-Fiction: Wild Girls by Tiya Miles

Why did Harriet Tubman love the stars? Why did Louisa May Alcott run wild in New England? This Publishers Weekly and New York Public Library Best Book of 2023 explores a diverse group of women and how discovering the beauty and wonder of the natural world impacted their lives and causes.

Cover of "Fourth Wing" by Rebecca Yarros, a fantasy novel from The Scout Guide series.

Fantasy: Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Who hasn’t heard the buzz around this fierce, dragon-riding, adventure-packed book? Fourth Wing follows the story of Violet, who’s thrust into the ruthless world of Basgiath War College. Don’t dismiss this as another “book-tok” book. Enter a well-crafted world full of violent war games, magic, some steamy romance, and, best of all, dragons!

Elderly woman in sunglasses on cover of "How to Be Old" by Lyn Slater in The Scout Guide.

Biography: How to Be Old by Lyn Slater

This book by icon Lyn Slater will help you live your best life at any age. Slater, who started the Accidental Icon fashion blog in her 60s, has gained followers for her bold fashion style, radical self-acceptance, and willingness to take big risks. New York Times bestselling author Dani Shapiro, one of her admirers, says, “Being old is a privilege and a gift. Slater’s combination of curiosity, glamour, and activism will make readers of all ages take heart.”

The Scout Guide enjoys a vibrant beach book cover.

Fun Beach Read: Beach Read by Emily Henry

Beach Read is our recommended beach read for 2024. No – we’re not joking! This book follows a romance writer who no longer believes in love and a literary writer stuck in a rut, engaged in a summer-long challenge that may just upend everything they believe about happily ever afters. Pick this book up for the perfect, light-hearted summer romance you need for a day at the beach or pool!

Woman holding rose with The Scout Guide's 'Modern Poetry' book cover.

Poetry: Modern Poetry by Diane Seuss

“These irreverent, pulsing, and defiant poems are full of dangerous good sense,” says Publishers Weekly. Diane Seuss titles this book of poetry after the first textbook she encountered as a child and the first poetry course she took in college. As an eager yet unprepared student, she felt poetry was out of her grasp. These poems are as honest as they are impactful, and as the author of six books of poetry, one of which won the Pulitzer Prize, Seuss’ words will leave you with profound truths about life and poetry.

The Scout Guide to elegant book cover with couple enjoying wine.

Short Stories: Table For Two by Amor Towles

Table For Toe is a delightful collection of short fiction. This compilation includes six captivating stories set against the dynamic backdrop of New York City, along with a novella set in the enchanting era of Golden Age Hollywood. Towles masterfully blends wit, humor, and sophistication in each tale, delivering a rich and immersive reading experience. This collection stands as a testament to Towles’s talent for crafting witty and transporting narratives that linger long after the last page is turned.

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