Really Colorful: A Day in the Life with Artist Carolyn Joe

As our oranges and yellows get dusted away – shifting to berry reds, evergreens or varying shades of frosty blues – we can’t help but feel a sense of being wrapped in a season of color. Maybe, just maybe, this is what it is like to live one day like Carolyn Joe Daniel – an artist whose sense of color knows no bounds!

If there is one word for it, surely that word is VIBRANCY. This joyful energy radiates from both her paintings and her personality, which is perhaps one reason why you may have seen Carolyn Joe everywhere. From the Uptown Dallas mural project on the Katy Trail just this past fall to MOMENTS ago at the NFT Art Fair (@cubeartfair) in Art Basel Miami and non-stop delivery of fresh work to Maestri Gallery, you find yourself asking, “How does Carolyn do it all?”

We were lucky enough to get a glimpse into a day in the life with the artist. As a fly on the wall, let’s take a peek and walk in her footsteps:

5 am

No one is awake. Not even the sun. It’s the perfect time for a double shot of espresso + heavy whipping cream and collagen 🙂

“I still use a paper calendar and a rainbow selection of pens to fill in meetings and coffee [appointments].”

She has a brief moment for a quiet devotional.

A little sip of coffee and finding a little bit of center for the day.

Indigo Girls or David Wilcox this morning?

And then business starts to bubble up: there’s a weekly production list of commissions and client meetings. Even creativity is serious business and – for this artist – always full of color. “I still use a paper calendar and a rainbow selection of pens to fill in meetings and coffee [appointments].”

Finally, the artist has a moment to sketch or mix up some color…

6:45 am

Kodak Cakes on the griddle for the family

7:15 am

Off to the school bus stop

“Work hard, be kind, don’t forget we love you”

7:30 am

What is going on in the world? Tune in to The Daily, or maybe The NYT podcast, or maybe Noah’s Daily Show… And the emails are coming.

First, reviewing and forwarding online shop orders for fulfillment. The artist works with a local printer, Coupralux in the Dallas Design District.

Next, she fields the correspondence. An active part of her community, her involvement extends from Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, Cattle Barron’s and Crystal Charity Ball, to countless aspects of the Lakewood neighborhood.

“[Then the] #studiopups settle in and we get to work.”

11 am Break for an early lunch.


Down to business. It is all intense for these few hours. She photographs new artwork, creates social media content – be it posts or stories or reels!

The pace is picking up.

As an artist, she creates more than canvases and prints. There are partnerships, licensing contracts, new artwork concepts with retailers, and visual packaging opportunities. All new and brilliant ways to share color, ideas, and more of this colorful creativity. And then she has exciting moments like client deliveries or gallery visits.

Focus. Time is precious.

3:15 pm

School is out. Carpool. Volleyball. Swimteam. Basketball. Homework. Home renovation. Sunset (if it is still up at that point!)

6 pm

Making dinner! Love something. A sheet pan meal.

Do we have enough time to roast salmon and veggies?

Or do we make a quick run to Cava for bowls tonight?

Oh! Time to make lunches for school tomorrow…

8 pm

Deep Breath. Reset. Recharge.

One more round through Instagram. One more look through emails. One more round through online shop orders!

An episode of Yellowstone or Succession (and maybe Google when Ted Lasso Season 3 is coming out!)

To bed and to do it all again. Early in the morning. Tomorrow!

By Brigid Seay

Visit the aritst’s website:

Follow the artist on Instagram: @carolynjoeart

Shop the aritst’s originals at Maestri Gallery