Off to the Races with Blade and Bow!

Nothing kicks off summer quite like the Kentucky Derby. The oldest continuously running sport in the nation means we celebrate our traditions and the changing of the seasons! And what better way to kick off summer with a cool and crisp mint julep mixed with a classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon from the craftsman distillers at Blade and Bow! We had a chance to catch up with the folks at Blade and Bow: here is what they had to say!

First, let’s make some sense here. Often, we hear “I’ll only drink…” at a cocktail party, but what are they really all talking about? What is the scotch, whiskey and bourbon difference and where does Blade & Bow fit in the mix?

Blade and Bow is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. All bourbon is whiskey, but how you declare whiskey as bourbon comes down to the kind of grain used and where it’s produced. Bourbon is an American made whiskey that must contain at least 51 perfect corn in its mash and be aged in new, charred-oak barrels. 

Blade and Bow’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon is perfect for both the seasoned whiskey drinker and for those just getting into bourbon. It’s smooth, balanced, and flavorful, equally good prepared ‘neat’ or in cocktails.

Bourbon and its distilling have really become an art. From Blade & Bow’s beautiful keys and incredible boxed whiskeys, your bottles have a luxurious feel that is still welcoming. Tell us a little about your story.

The history behind Blade and Bow is one of the reasons our bourbon is so special. Our home is the legendary Stitzel-Weller Distillery in Louisville, KY, or often referred to as the Cathedral of Bourbon. 

The Blade and Bow name is inspired by the five brass keys that always hung on the door of Stitzel-Weller. A skeleton key has two parts – the blade shaft and ornate bow – and the five keys represent the five components of crafting bourbon – grains, yeast, fermentation, distillation and aging. 

Blade and Bow’s bourbon whiskey is unique in that we use the Solera System, an aging and blending process to preserve the heritage of the Stitzel-Weller Distillery by blending bourbon of various ages. A historic method in other categories, it is an uncommon practice found in the bourbon industry.

The beauty is in the blending. Tiered fractional blending allows for a vast range of ages to come together, creating a complex yet approachable liquid. Barrels are never fully drained, ensuring this union of ages is ever present in each bottle.

That sounds incredible! Kentucky certainly has its charms and the distillery sounds like quite the place to visit. As for us, Texas can be mighty hot at the drop of a hat. How can Blade & Bow be our go-to for Spring hospitality? 

Hospitality is an essential part of Blade and Bow’s roots. Our Kentucky Straight bourbon elevates even the simplest cocktails and events. From mint juleps on derby day, to sours for a backyard soiree, or even as a beautiful hostess gift to bring to the next cocktail party you attend, we take pride in honoring Southern traditions like entertaining, spreading warmth and enjoying the finer things in life. 

Southern entertaining is alive and well! And we have seen all sorts of great features of Blade & Bow recently. If we want to try the latest mixes or taste it straight, where can us over 21 Texans check out Blade & Bow over the next few months?

Find a retailer near you throughout the Dallas area here.

We will be in town soon! Keep an eye out for the iconic Blade and Bow horse trailer around Dallas the week of Derby, which is on Saturday, May 6.

Yes! We will definitely be on the lookout. And just in time, too! Derby Day is right around the corner. What is the best recipe for that mint julep a la Blade & Bow?

Texas Mint Julep

1.25 oz Blade and Bow Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

0.5 oz Agave syrup

1 tbsp peach jam or marmalade

Mint leaves

Wash 12 mint leaves, then roll between your hands to release the fragrant mint oil. Add rolled mint to the julep cup, followed by agave syrup, peach jam or marmalade and bourbon. Stir ingredients well before topping with a heaping scoop of crushed ice and garnish with more mint leaves. 

Thank you, so much, for sharing all of this awesome info. Remember, Blade and Bow is for responsible adults, 21 and over only. Cheers!