Dallas-based artist Mione Plant creates meaningful, thoughtful and joyful works of art… The messages that often accompany each piece are equally as powerful. Mione’s musings on her latest work, Let Your Honesty Shine, really resonated with us – especially during this crazy, complicated time. Read on for her wise words!

“It’s words of strength that are lauded, the pursuit to grow strong, to weather storms and emerge stronger, mightier, hardened. What if we also gave weight to what we don’t proudly reveal, the lighter, often considered weaker parts of ourselves?

The word – the definition of my name, Mione – beckoning you to judge it, to assign it a connotation, a worthiness or lack thereof; to quickly determine if its a word of strength or weakness. To ponder, why a seemingly light word was given prominence, pride of place? Perhaps the anti-affirmation – a reminder of this delicate balance, our own delicate nature, our mind strong but human, fragile but taught to be something quite opposite. Survival of the fittest, the strongest – or perhaps instead, those in tune, listening, absorbing, considering, observant of details, of the smalls – so that action can be thoughtfully considered.

The bubbles, their flight, always changing. Each day a delicate bubble, on the verge of popping. The weight of this situation, this time, these global challenges, contrasted with the weightless ease of childhood games and play.

No rhyme or rhythm or reason to the dance – the configuration of bubbles – a single moment captured in their flight, perhaps moments before some pop. Even the notion of their pop creating a sensation of something released, transformed, let go of.

We say ‘don’t burst my bubble.’ But perhaps I should burst my own. The ones I’ve been carrying that are now just clouding my sky. The ones that in a new world, no longer fit. To leave it be.

The acknowledgement of our well being, our health – as delicate. That once acknowledged, brought to light, can be given strength. To admit that today I am not OK, I am not coping, I do not see the light. To, for a moment, abandon strength, or our desire to manifest it in its absence – to bring to light our delicate thoughts and fears, and in doing so, transform them to something of power and weight. To let our honesty shine.”

– Mione Plant

Let Your Honesty Shine
Acrylic on Canvas

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