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Keeping a clean home/office/school at one address these days is no joke! Moms the world-over are feeling the stretch of having to do it all. As a little gift to all of us, we spoke with Jeri Fritz, Founder and Owner extraordinaire of Highland Park Housekeeping, to learn the ultimate secrets that let us not only maximize our cleaning time but also give us a “cheat day” for the never-ending cleaning ritual. Bottom line: need a last-minute gift for Mom? We’ve got you covered! Read more…

Jeri, thank you for taking the time to connect with us. We see the iconic, aqua Highland Park Housekeeping (HPH) vans all over town! With keeping house as an integral part of living and working at home now, how has HPH grown since the pandemic?

Since COVID, everyone is at home more and houses need to be cleaned!

Highland Park Housekeeping is on a mission to Make Housekeeping a Profession. A really good housekeeper is a true professional. They have to be able to manage their time, communicate with customers to find out what’s needed, and clean all different sorts of houses. We clean everything from studio apartments to homes over 15,000 square feet! Our housekeepers are masters at being able to expertly work in different environments. 

A professional housekeeper has to understand products and supplies – knowing when to use all natural and when they may have to break out the Tilex. They not only have to know how to correctly use these products, but make an in the moment decision that is best for the homeowner and still get the house clean in the time allotted! We focus on the professional aspects of housekeeping so that we can deliver quality cleaning with every single team for every single appointment.

You are so right! We are all working at home now and cannot avoid those absolute messes. And it takes a true professional to really know how to save the day. From the experts, what are your top 3 tips and tricks of the trade as we suffer a little spring-clean fever and may attempt to do this ourselves?


1.     My first recommendation is to clean from top to bottom. Grab your step ladder and start with vents, ceiling fans, high-up light fixtures, tops of cabinets – anywhere that dust accumulates but is likely not cleaned on a regular basis. We are often asked for product recommendations and always tell people how much we love the Gorilla Ladder. I’ve been known to go to Home Depot and pull every step ladder into the aisle and try them out to see which one is best! The Gorilla Ladders really are so much easier and so much more efficient than other ladders . Get the right-size one for your house so you can go all the way to the top of your rooms. If you don’t remove the dust from the high places and your air conditioning starts blowing or you flip on the ceiling fans… you are sending dust all over your house.

We are frequently asked about our favorite products, like what kind of microfiber cloths we use and which mop works best.

So we made a list.

2.     My second tip is to have the right cleaning products: we love Branch Basics. The company was started by three women in Austin, it’s completely plant based and you can use it to clean anything in your home! Invest in the starter kit* so you can clean your home and keep it non-toxic and safe for you, your family and your pets.

3.     Finally, invest in a good vacuum cleaner, definitely one with a HEPA filter. There are a lot of vacuum cleaners out there and many are very cheap. They work to pick up stuff off the floor. But if you don’t have a good filter, when you pick up that dirt and dust, you may just be blowing it right out the back of the vacuum. Your floor might be clean, but the air behind you will not be and it recirculates in to your home. So, definitely, invest in a quality vacuum. One of our favorite brands is Miele. Very high quality construction and easy to use. 

We are frequently asked about our favorite products, like what kind of microfiber cloths we use and which mop works best. So we made a list. You can find our favorite products (and an offer code or two) when you CLICK HERE.

OK! So I need to go and get a ladder and better vacuum right now! Let’s say I have fought the good fight and the dust bunnies are winning the battle. When should a homeowner put down the rag OR the family should give Mom a break and give you a call?

DSC04597 copy.jpg

If you want a thorough clean, and want it done right, please BOOK NOW!

A lot of times, people think they can do all the cleaning themselves and when they get into it, it is actually really hard and takes much more time than they thought. If you have pets, kids, or maybe you work from home, the reality is that it is just hard to keep the house clean, let alone doing it thoroughly and correctly.

So – if you don’t want to spend the time doing it yourself, let us help you! (and call us sooner rather than later before it gets really out of control!)

We want to make your life easy, so you can come home and enjoy you home, and have peace of mind. If we have cleaned for you, you can really enjoy your time at home without having to think about how you need to mop the kitchen floor. It’s about making your life easier!

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