Clotheshorse Anonymous Celebrates 50 Years of Fashion Excellence

On April 20th, despite the showers, hundreds of steadfast supporters, friends, and fans gathered to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Clotheshorse Anonymous, a pioneer in the Designer Resale movement.

A diverse group of women posing together at a fashion event with a clothing rack in the background, all holding glasses of champagne as they celebrate, reflecting the spirit of The Scout Guide's community gatherings. Two seated older women are in the front, one holding flowers, with standing women wearing a variety of stylish outfits behind them.

The afternoon unfolded with a dazzling display of iconic fashions spanning five decades, showcased by models in evocative scenes, some playfully using oversized 1980s cell phones and custom CHA newspapers. Crafted and produced by the talented Robyn Chauvin, the models wore designers from Gucci to Chanel and modern-day favorites like Loewe and Marni.

“What a joy it was to create the fashion presentation for the Clotheshorse Anonymous 50th anniversary celebration! It was so special to honor the women who pioneered Dallas’ first luxury consignment shop. They then grew that creative idea into the city’s largest designer resale shop.” – Robyn Chauvin

Fashion models pose on platforms during a live style event reminiscent of The Scout Guide, showcasing a mix of modern and timeless ensembles, while attendees browse and socialize in the background of the vibrant venue.

The striking row of five pedestals lined the runway, leading to a captivating Backstory collage featuring still shots from Clotheshorse Anonymous’s illustrious 50-year journey, flanked by two bars. Behind one bar, Top Tier staff served Soccoro Tequila ranch waters, wine, and bubbles, while DJ Jennifer Miller kept the beats alive behind the other. Meanwhile, KimCakes delighted guests with a lavish spread of sweets, including treats adorned with a 1974 photo of founders Jan Kennedy and Nancy Ungerman, who graced the celebration alongside numerous family members.

Other guests included: Kerith Menter-Arvizu, Lyn Berman, Brittanie Buchanan, Brooke Dowdy, Lea Fisher, Kar Garfield, Bret McKinney, Dawn Mellon, Lisa Pickell, Holly Quartaro, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Thompson, and Joleen Tripp.

Two women cheerfully toasting with champagne flutes at an upscale indoor event, possibly related to The Scout Guide, with an air of celebration. An artfully arranged backdrop features chic monochrome portraits, adding to the exclusive atmosphere. Other guests, including children, mingle in the well-lit venue with modern decor.

Midway through the event, Director of Operations Jennifer Mayrath expressed gratitude and presented floral arrangements to Jan and Nancy, surrounded by their loved ones—a tribute to their remarkable retail legacy.

Jan Kennedy, adorned in a Burberry trench, Eskandar blouse, and signature CHANEL ballet flats, reflected on the pride of witnessing 50 years of unwavering support from the Dallas community.

Two stylish women posing inside a boutique with clothes racks in the background. One holds a copy of The Scout Guide, accentuating local fashion. Other shoppers browse and read in the well-lit, spacious store.

“…reminiscing about the evolution of the consignment business was such a nostalgic experience, filled with great memories of growth, learning, and adaptation. Our clients made us experts through the years,” Jan remarked. “Dedication to continuously improving and innovating is our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We look forward to many more years of success, style, and sustainability at Clotheshorse Anonymous, and to making a lasting impact in the Dallas community and beyond.”

An event hosted by The Scout Guide taking place in a boutique with an audience seated and standing, watching models displaying fashion as they walk down an impromptu runway. The backdrop includes a display of photographs on the wall and racks of clothing lining the area.

Nancy Ungerman, sporting her iconic pink Krewe sunglasses and a fabulous crystal necklace, celebrated Clotheshorse Anonymous’s multi-generational impact. “To have such a strong connection with families over the years speaks volumes about the trust we built. It’s a testament to the legacy of Clotheshorse Anonymous in the Dallas community. Being able to serve and style multiple generations is a remarkable achievement, showcasing the brand’s ability to evolve while staying true to our roots. Cheers to dressing future generations with style and sophistication!”

A woman models a vibrant, abstract-patterned dress at The Scout Guide event, showcasing local fashion amidst an attentive crowd in a well-lit boutique setting.

Guests savored the fashion presentation, indulged in shopping, and captured spirited moments at the A Moment in Time Photo Booth against a sparkling gold backdrop. Throughout, beats, bubbles, and Soccoro flowed in abundance, fostering an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Proceeds from the event benefited Attitudes and Attire, underscoring Clotheshorse Anonymous’s commitment to community empowerment.

Jennifer Mayrath, fashionable in Brunello Cuccinelli and CHANEL sneakers, reflected on the founders’ enduring vision. “Our dedication to exceptional customer experiences and timeless style remains unwavering,” Jennifer affirmed, heralding many more years of success and stylish adventures for Clotheshorse Anonymous.

Looking ahead, Clotheshorse Anonymous pledges continued excellence in serving consignors and clients, both in-store and online. And who knows? Perhaps AI mannequins will grace the 60th-anniversary event!

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