Birdies of a Feather, Flocking Together

Birdie spa services offered in the location of your choice.

Birdie might just be THE solution to the new normal of beauty routines. Brilliantly, the founders behind Birdie, sisters Elizabeth Reza and Gabrielle Muzel, had the idea to combine the technology of mobile services with the talent of stylists everywhere… and the result? A ‘Flock’ of elite spa and salon technicians at your fingertips! We had a chance to connect with Elizabeth and Gabrielle on how Birdie can keep you looking and feeling gorgeous, even without leaving the house!

At The Scout Guide, we love that Birdie blends the magic of Amazon with your favorite high end salon and that services can take place right in our backyard! 

Tell us a little about your start and where we can find you.

Elizabeth: Gabrielle and I founded Birdie a few years ago when we were both working professionals that needed more time in our days to get everything done. Everything really came to a head after I had my first baby and was trying to get back into the swing of juggling work, home, mom, and married life. One morning shortly after returning from maternity leave I vividly remember the shuffle of conference calls, laundry, newborn feedings, and trying to put myself together with wet hair and half applied makeup for my big board meetings. It was nearly impossible and I was completely overwhelmed. It was one of those impossible days when my husband actually said “wouldn’t it be great if you could

Uber someone to at least come dry your hair…” I remember dismissing him at first, and poking a million holes into the idea. But without fail, every time I would jump in the shower to wash my hair I would think to myself “Wouldn’t it be great if I could Uber someone to at least come dry my hair.” The idea really began to take shape when I called Gabrielle and we both agreed that this concept would be something every woman could use! At-home beauty services that give back precious time to women everywhere. Birdie started with blowouts but we have evolved to include even more services delivered to our client’s homes from waxing and massage to skincare and haircuts, we have created a curated salon experience wherever our client’s are.

Birdie offers many conveniences, including hairstyling in the comfort of home and within reach of your family.

Yes! What an incredible solution to a problem we all have and need more than ever these days! From the beginning, you all have placed a big emphasis on safety. How are your products and beauty professionals some of the best resources around? 

Gabrielle: Here at Birdie, we have always felt that safety is one of the most important aspects of our business. Entering someone’s home or office is a privilege and we want to ensure that we honor that privilege in every way; from the products we use to the professionals we hire. Our process begins with our Birdie Pros. Each Pro goes through a rigorous hiring process, with background checks, education courses, and hands on assessments. If there is a service that a pro is interviewing for but that we feel is not quite to our standard, we work with them through training classes and an assessment with one of the core team members (usually Elizabeth or myself) before they ever take appointments in the field. We are incredibly proud of our success in this area so far, as we currently have 99%+ of customer’s leaving a 5-star rating and glowing reviews. In addition to that, we are proud to be the highest paying on-demand or salon service for pros in the country. We provide 3x earnings for our pros compared to other companies without ever impacting pricing for our customers. We believe if we take care of our pros they will take care of our customers.

Taking our standards one step further, we don’t just strive to make our client’s look beautiful by having the very best professionals, we also want them to feel beautiful knowing that Birdie uses only the best non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free products. This goes for all divisions at Birdie.

Birdie Pros not only have the skills, they pass the test, too!

Amazing!  You look after your stylists while your stylists look after us! And speaking of… stylists all over the country were sorting through pitiful home-haircuts this past summer. How can Birdie change self-care into professional, in-home beauty care for the whole house?

With Birdie, never miss a moment (or a haircut)

Gabrielle: Birdie actually launched haircuts for the entire family in March of 2020 due to the pandemic. We had so many clients booking blowouts asking if our Pros could also save their kids and husbands from being victims of “COVID Haircuts.” It had always been on the Birdie Flightpath (future plan) to launch cuts for women, but with the demand for family and additional services being needed due to COVID, our timeline shifted dramatically and we ended up launching 5 years worth of services and features in the span of 6 months. We found that despite the horrors of COVID, Birdie was able to flourish and truly meet the needs of so many by being a one stop shop for beauty services – in your kitchen, living room, back porch or even garage! We make it happen wherever the client wants it and feels safest. 

‘Safe’ is definitely of utmost importance these days! How does Birdie keep us safe in our own home during our “new normal?”

Elizabeth: The new normal is something that we are all navigating and we are constantly revising and refocusing to ensure the health and safety for our Flock and clients alike.

Birdie, being an on location beauty service means that you are receiving your beauty treatments in the safest possible environment, your own home. And that you are also receiving those treatments with the lowest possible exposure, as Birdie has a Health and Wellness check standard for both team members and clients along with the most rigorous PPE procedures.

Our Flock has an extensive cleaning and screening process before, during and after their appointments. We have also added a double layer of protection by requiring our safety guidelines and procedures be followed by clients as well. This ensures safety across the board.

Extensive PPE procedures are always a part of the routine with Birdie Pros.

You all have really thought out this process. Sold! How can our Scout Guide readers jump right in and try Birdie services today?

Elizabeth: You can download the app under Birdie-In Home Beauty [or CLICK HERE] and book your appointment at all of your’s and your family’s beauty service needs. It is simple and easy and we know that once you try it, you will be hooked!

Elizabeth & Gabrielle: Welcome to the future of beauty! 

Welcome, indeed! Thank you.

Find out more about Birdie at or on Instagram.

Birdie Founders Elizabeth Reza and Gabrielle Muzel

by Brigid Seay