A Creative Approach to Kids' Costumes

Addie Jack as Medusa (left) and Persephone (right).

With Halloween fast approaching, many parents are finding themselves faced with producing their child’s dream costume. To help get the creative juices flowing, we asked TSG Design & Brand Director Erika Jack how she handles getting her 10-year-old daughter, Addie, ready for the spooky holiday. 

Embrace the concept of semi-homemade. “I’ve tried to sew before, but failed,” Jack says. Instead of tackling an entire costume, she chooses one statement-making element to put her energy into (like an amazing headdress) and purchases the other pieces.

Consider committing to a theme. For the past two years, Addie has been a character from Greek mythology for Halloween, and this year will be her third costume in that vein (to date she has been Medusa and Artemis). This has made deciding what to dress up as considerably easier, Jack says. As an added bonus, exploring the Greek myths has been a fun, story-filled learning experience.

Make it a collaboration. “I love that the annual Halloween costume project is an opportunity for both of us to be involved in the creative process,” Jack says. “We look for inspiration together, and experiment with colors, makeup, and accessories.”

Be a parental companion piece. Jack and her husband, Alex, like to play off of Addie’s costume. For example, when Addie was Medusa, Alex dressed as someone who had turned to stone. This year, with Addie going as Persephone, possible sidekick ideas include Zeus and Demeter. 

TSG Tip 180 and photographs provided by The Scout Guide Design & Brand Director Erika Jack.