Cozy Retreats


Just as important as having the perfect space in which to gather is having a quiet, contained place in which to relax and regroup. After all, everyone needs a nook where they can sneak off to read a few chapters, take a much-needed rest, or have an intimate chat. For us, the ideal spot is embodied by the above vignette from the portfolio of San Francisco-based Ken Linstead Architects: semi-secluded, simple, and soaked in natural light. Who wouldn’t want to recline on that white chaise for an hour or two?

This Nicole Hollis-designed space is cozy, creamy perfection. The neutral palette is so calming, and we can only imagine how happy we’d be sipping a cup of coffee while reclining against the oversized pillows and planning the rest of our day in peace and quiet.

Having a window seat in the bedroom where you can sit back and spend a few minutes flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine while taking in some fresh air is such a treat. With simple sconces, soft colors, and plenty of sunlight, the spot above, which was designed by Savannah’s Mary Jo Bochner, would be a lovely place to have a moment of zen.

Not all nooks are designed with solitude in mind, of course. Heather Safferstone of Washington, D.C.-based Sally Steponkus Interiors shows how a cozy space can comfortably coexist with a more social setting. The window seat would be a welcoming retreat, yet can also serve as comfortable seating for friends who come over for a drink or be quickly made up to accommodate an overnight guest. The deep drawers for storage underneath easily make this one of the most multi-functional areas to be found in any abode.

Butler Armsden’s window seat set in a circular room takes advantage of stunning views and plenty of sunlight, yet thanks to the bright, multi-colored woven rug and pillows it would be a cheerful place to pass the time even on the cloudiest day.

San Francisco-based Sutro Architects shows how a small, unconventional space can be transformed into a mini oasis. This nook makes curling up in a corner seem so appealing.

This cozy spot by San Francisco’s Catherine MacFee Interior Design combines natural elements and a laid-back vibe to create the ideal location for an afternoon nap. Now please excuse us while we track down the perfect indoor hammock.