We asked our members where they will go when we are able to travel freely again and their answers are giving us the itch. Spain, Europe, Aruba, and France are just some of the places that members shared and we are in for every one of them.

“To have a nice, relaxing week at the beach!”

Kristen Kunk | Health + Wellness Coach

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“Greece is high up on my travel destination list. During the early days of the pandemic, my husband and I sat down to plan out our dream vacation there for a time in the in the not-too-distant-future when we could island hop and explore the Greek Islands together. We even treated our planning like a date night, at home, with wine and Greek foods to get us in the spirit!”

Danielle Lim | Haven Collective

“Montreal: I always love traveling in Europe, especially France,  but thought exploring this city would be more feasible this year. Closer to home and more accessible with a little one in tow.”

-Abigail Fredelake | The Scout Guide

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Rosemary Beach FL- I really miss the ocean”

Rhiannon Bailey | Take Root

I love going to new places – exploring new cultures, food, religion, and meeting new people! I always have a new place in mind… I love thinking about going to the airport and flying to a place far away!”

– Jennifer Miller, Jennifer Miller DDS | Dentistry of Dublin

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”This year was supposed to be the year we went to Antarctica. That’s not going to happen any time soon now, but we’re still dreaming!”

– Tanya Hartman | Gilded Social

“I have been dreaming of beaches, warmth, vitamin D, and palm trees!! If I have to stay in the states then I want to be in Charleston but I would prefer to head to Acapulco, Mexico. My mom grew up there and we have gone every year of my life!! I am dying to get back!”

-Paxton Hale | The Scout Guide


It’s either the mountains or the coast for me!”

-Alexandra Williams | Alexandra Williams Design

Photos by: Henry Photography