Life Arranged's Approach to Interior Styling

Two women posing in a stylish boutique with eclectic decor for The Scout Guide; one is seated on an armchair with a decorative pillow, while the other stands with a hand on her hip. The scene features a clothing rack with various outfits, a large leafy plant, modern artistic elements, and a cozy atmosphere highlighted by natural light flooding through large windows.
Photography by Kismet Visuals

“We believe the true beauty of a space lies in harmonizing practical necessities with personal preferences.”

Uncover the artistry of organization and styling with Life Arranged, spearheaded by the skilled duo Adrienne and Allison, who elevate spaces with their refined creativity.

Elevating Aesthetic Appeal with Simplicity and Functionality

“Less is more,” affirm Adrienne and Allison, emphasizing their approach to organization. “Every detail is thoughtfully considered, from cohesive living room aesthetics to impeccably organized utility drawers to tailor a system to each of our client’s individual habits and preferences,” they explain.

A stylish and curated interior reflecting The Scout Guide's aesthetic, featuring an elegant living space with a modern shelving unit displaying decorative items and books, surrounded by chic furniture including a cozy chair with a patterned cushion and a plush throw, a wooden bench, and a distinctive twisted wooden stool. A large fiddle-leaf fig plant adds a touch of greenery beside a clothing rack with an assortment of fashionable apparel. Sunlight streams through large windows, enhancing the room's welcoming and sophisticated ambiance.
Photography by Kismet Visuals

“Style is deeply personal,” emphasize Adrienne and Allison. “Drawing inspiration from our client’s unique preferences, each design transcends fleeting trends, ensuring longevity and enduring appeal,” they explain.

Navigating Chaos to Create Calm

“Our process begins with an in-depth consultation,” details Life Arranged. “During this consult, we prioritize understanding each client’s unique needs, budget, must-haves, and vision for the space,” they emphasize. “From there, we begin transforming what our clients consider chaos into calm by sorting, measuring, and compiling a list of necessary supplies to get the job done,” they add.

Project Highlight

“My favorite project is still ongoing and evolving,” shares Adrienne. She elaborates, “We recently styled a historic home, infusing it with modern and eclectic pieces that complemented the client’s unique art collection. The project was even featured in the German Village Haus and Garten tour, showcasing our ability to blend contemporary design with historic charm.” Adrienne enthusiastically adds, “The cool part is, it led to a repeat client for their space in NYC.”

Crafting Personalized Solutions

“We pride ourselves on crafting personalized solutions for all our clients,” Adrienne and Allison affirm. “For instance, we recently created a customized closet system, meticulously arranging garments by category and hue to ensure impeccable organization,” they highlighted. “Furthermore, we proposed an adaptable playroom storage and shelving concept, incorporating age-appropriate labeling adorned with descriptive words and captivating imagery to foster children’s growth and development,” they explain.

Essentials for Success

From a trusty tape measure to a collection of paint decks, they equip themselves with the essentials to bring their client’s visions to life. “Sketchbooks, label makers, business cards, and double chocolate cookies keep us fueled and connected,” they share, ensuring precision in every project they undertake.

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