Honoring Him: A Collection of Thoughtful Gifts and Experiences

The Scout Guide Columbus is thrilled to unveil a curated assortment of local establishments showcasing heartfelt gifts ideal for honoring the remarkable men in your life this Father’s Day.

A sunny day at a bustling baseball stadium with players and officials on the field during a pre-game ceremony, as spectators fill the stands, against the backdrop of a vibrant city skyline, encapsulating the spirit of The Scout Guide's local exploration.

Columbus Clippers

Double perk: Celebrate Dad with a day of baseball and a post-game catch on the field. Plan on bringing your own ball and glove.

An adult and a child descend a modern staircase in a sunlit atrium adorned with colorful hanging sculptures, resonating with The Scout Guide's exploration of local culture and spaces.

Columbus Museum of Art

Savor Schokko Café’s delectable Father’s Day menu while enjoying free Sunday admission surrounded by the beauty of art.

Assorted greeting cards with various expressions and designs laid out on a surface, featuring messages celebrating dads, such as "You're Fly," "DAAAAAAD!!!," "#1 DAD," and "I couldn't pick a better Dad." The selection showcases the creative flare characteristic of The Scout Guide, with eye-catching typography and playful imagery.

On Paper

Pick out the perfect Father’s Day card to celebrate just how much Dad means to you.

A laid-back, fitness-inspired arrangement featuring a white hoodie with the word "HOMEWERK" across the chest on a wooden hanger, alongside a black tank top with the same branding. The scene includes a pair of dumbbells and two small potted cactus plants, all set against a textured bluish-grey background, capturing an essence of The Scout Guide's lifestyle aesthetic.
Photography by Kismet Visuals

Homewerk Live

Give the active dads in your life the gift of a monthly membership to elevate their fitness journey. 

Star Jewelers On High

Whether you’re considering a bracelet, money clip, necklace, or wish to customize a pendant that reflects the essence of your relationship with Dad, Star Jewelers offers the perfect bling to elevate his celebration.

Elegant brunch setting featuring French toast adorned with fresh berries on a white plate, accompanied by a small pitcher of orange juice and a delicate bouquet of roses in a textured vase, all presented on a table with a stylish gray and white striped napkin and a note, evoking the refined lifestyle showcased by The Scout Guide.
Photography by Kismet Visuals

Hotel LeVeque

Treat him to a serene escape without the hassle of travel, offering him a chance to unwind and rejuvenate in style boasting an art deco bar, exquisite dining, and a cozy coffee haven.

A pair of stylish brown leather sneakers is displayed atop a worn vintage suitcase next to a flannel checkered shirt and a metal flask, capturing an essence of casual sophistication as featured in The Scout Guide.
Photography by Kismet Visuals

Trevor Furbay

Whether for a golf outing, casual family outing, or day at the office, take advantage of a chance to style Dad with TFB’s personalized selection of high-end gifts.

Urban Sundry

Spoil dad with playful gifts such as taco socks, a Charlie the Horse golf club cover, a Pegasus Baseball Cap, and more.