Elevate Your Gatherings: Expert Tips from Auburn + Ivory

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Hosting an unforgettable gathering requires more than just good food and drinks. It’s about creating an atmosphere where guests feel welcomed, appreciated, and ultimately, cherished. Meredith, wedding planner and owner of Auburn + Ivory, shares invaluable insights on how to elevate your entertaining game. From effortless table styling to incorporating unexpected elements, she unveils the secrets to crafting memorable soirées that leave a lasting impression.

What’s the secret ingredient to hosting a memorable gathering?

“People will always remember the way they felt.” It’s about paying attention to the guest experience and incorporating details that evoke the desired ambiance. “If you are the host/hostess, be present and available,” she emphasizes. The value of genuine attention cannot be overstated—it sets the tone for the entire affair.

What is your go-to springtime and summertime palette?

Alt text: A person's hand pouring sparkling wine into a flute glass on a table elegantly set with green and white themed dinnerware, complete with silver cutlery, at an event featured in The Scout Guide. The setting exudes a luxurious outdoor dining experience with fresh floral arrangements.
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Pink and green reign supreme in Meredith’s color palette for both springtime and summertime soirées. These timeless hues, affectionately dubbed the “virtues,” exude charm and versatility, lending themselves beautifully to a myriad of themes and settings.

What’s your advice for maximizing style and functionality with limited space?

Even with limited space, Meredith advocates for functionality and comfort. “Designate private spaces or boundaries,” she suggests, allowing guests room to mingle without feeling cramped. It’s about creating an environment where guests can relax and enjoy the festivities.

What’s your number one tip for effortless table styling? 

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“Good linens.” These foundational elements add color, texture, and pattern, setting the stage for a memorable experience. “Invest wisely and you’ll see a big return,” she advises. And don’t forget the living elements—flowers or plants breathe life into the space, infusing it with vibrancy and fragrance.

What’s one unexpected element you love incorporating into party setups?

Incorporating wallpaper into party setups is Meredith’s unexpected delight. Its versatility and ability to inspire bespoke elements—from bar signage to photo backdrops—add a touch of sophistication and charm to any occasion.

What are your must-haves for creating a stylish space?

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Functionality, narrative, and details — these are Meredith’s top three must-have elements for creating a stylish entertaining space. From a memorable color palette to bespoke signage and abundant florals, each component contributes to the tapestry of enchantment woven into every Auburn + Ivory affair.

For more tips or styling inspiration, visit Auburn + Ivory’s website.