Beautify Your Outdoor Space with Elevate Lawn Co.

Photography by Kismet Visuals

Looking to spruce up your outdoor area? Elevate Lawn Co. has the answers. Here are their top tips for transforming your patio or balcony into a botanical paradise.

Are there any insider secrets for keeping container plants looking lush and healthy throughout the summer heat?

“We add watering drip kits to our containers for extra care during hotter months,” reveals Elevate Lawn Co. “These kits are readily available at hardware stores or garden centers and prevent thirsty containers. Additionally, for larger containers, we often place rocks at the bottom for improved drainage, preventing soil saturation and potential plant disease.”

Could you offer creative tips for making a statement with container plants on a patio or balcony?

Photography by Kismet Visuals

“Don’t be afraid to add height to your outdoor containers,” advises Elevate Lawn Co. “Incorporating a topiary or obelisk with climbing plants like clematis, trumpet vine, or honeysuckle can make a statement and frame your outdoor spaces beautifully.”

For those with limited space, what’s your go-to solution for maximizing greenery and beauty with containers?

“This is a great time to use a trellis in your planter,” suggests Elevate Lawn Co. “This adds height and helps pack a punch in your small outdoor area. It can also be a tool for creating privacy if you have an outpost space close to a neighbor. For example, adding two containers with a centered trellis and climber can create an outdoor wall to make your small outdoor space feel cozy and inviting.”

Can we repurpose any unexpected items as unique containers for our summer plants?

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“Whether it is a bird bath, an old watering can, or an antique iron basket, as long as you can create an efficient draining system, then you can use it for planting!”

Can you suggest a kid-friendly container gardening project to get the whole family involved?

“If you have children interested in a specific bird or insect, it can be really fun to plant containers specifically designed to attract some wildlife,” recommends Elevate Lawn Co. “This can also be a fun learning opportunity for kids to not only learn about gardening but also about the importance of protecting bees or the migration pattern of hummingbirds.”

How can we incorporate fun elements like color and texture into our container designs?

Photography by Kismet Visuals

“Many beginner gardeners underestimate the impact of non-flowering plants,” notes Elevate Lawn Co. “They come in various colors, shapes, and textures, adding an extra dimension to your summer containers. Explore grasses, caladium, hostas, coleus, or vinca at your local garden center. It’s also an ideal opportunity to introduce indoor greenery outdoors for added beauty.”

Any tips for incorporating edible plants into summer container gardens?

“For beginners, consider adding herbs like basil, mint, or lavender; they not only smell and look great but are perfect for summer cocktails. For more experienced gardeners, try growing vegetables surrounded by coordinating flowering plants. For instance, plant strawberries in the center with red geraniums around them. Just ensure your plantings match the container’s sunlight exposure.”

Check out Elevate’s website for more summer container tips or to schedule a consultation.