What We're Making: Wild Mushroom and Swiss Burgers

Of all the tricks in your grilling repertoire, the burger is the absolute must-have. Our backyard patios are looking green and inviting and the temptation to be outside with friends enjoying a beer and the all-American burger is not to be ignored. Just in time, the experts at Citizen Burger Bar in Charlottesville, VA (TSG HQs go-to-spot for burgers, beer, and game-watching get-togethers), shared their recipe for one of their signature offerings, the Wild Mushroom and Swiss burger. We tried it, and the result is shown above; as you can see, it is perfection. (To see one of Citizen’s amazing creations—as well as the man behind the burgers, owner Andy McClure—scroll down.)

“we at citizen burger believe it is everyone’s right to enjoy a perfectly cooked burger.”



Makes one half-pound burger.
8oz of 100% grass-fed beef
1 multigrain bun, locally-baked
Iceburg lettuce
Black onion
2oz wild mushrooms
2oz of Citizen Sauce (see below)
McClure Swiss

Pre-grilling PREP

Citizen Sauce
2 parts Duke’s mayo
1 part Heinz ketchup
Chopped pickles (add to desired consistency)

Black Onion
1. Slice one Vidalia (or sweet) onion into one-inch-thick slices (keep slices whole)
2. On a griddle or in a pan, lightly oil surface and place cross sections onto hot pan. Grill onion in pan on one side only, until side becomes “black”

Wild Mushrooms
1. Clean and trim oyster mushrooms if necessary
2. Sauté mushrooms with thyme, garlic, and salt and pepper (to taste) until mushrooms just begin to wilt

the assembly

1. Take 8oz of 100% grass-fed beef and form into a patty about one inch thick (put a thumbprint in the middle to ensure even cooking). Season to taste with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Grill burger to desired doneness.
2. While the burger is grilling, prepare the bun and toppings. Take the multigrain bun and spread citizen sauce on the top and bottom bun. Place the lettuce, sliced tomato, and black onion on the top bun while the burger continues to cook.
3. As the burger nears completion, melt one to two slices of McClure Swiss on top of the burger.
4. Once cooked, place the burger on the bottom bun and smother with a handful of oyster mushrooms. Top the burger with all the toppings and ENJOY!

“We’d ask you how it is but it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full.”


Citizen Burger Bar // Charlottesville, VA // 434.979.9944