What Did You Read This Summer?

Did your kids have summer reading over their break? Did you join them? Who wouldn’t love finding a nice shady spot in your yard and having a good old family read-in? We know Labor Day is passed, and while you might have put away those white jeans, we’re here to remind you that summer’s not over! You have until September 22nd to make summer reading a fun event for you and your family. You could even make a little picnic, with treats from Trailside Provisions, or pick up lunch from The Birch. Or what about going to Summit Park, grabbing some tacos to go from Tahona and make cramming in that summer reading more fun than anyone could ever imagine.

We know that your kids’ summer reading was likely assigned by their teacher. But YOU have a choice in what you’re reading! We’ve asked our members what they read this summer and are sharing this great reading list with you.

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Zofeen Khan at About Face Surgical Arts recommends Whereabouts, by her longtime favorite author, Jhumpa Lahiri.

Both Lesley Hern at The Wardrobe and Olive Smith from Smith Learning Services are currently reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

Sharon Collins from Cincinnati Center for Improved Communication is reading a book by the author of Still Alice, entitled Remember.

Becca Thiemann from, Becca’s Book Box, is enjoying the book Rest, Play, Grow by Deborah McNamara. She says the author and the book are amazing.

Erin Satterwhite with Comey Realtors listed Four Winds by Kristin Hannah as a summertime favorite.

The Dutch House by Ann Patchett is a good summer read, says Jennifer Buchholz, The Scout Guide Cincinnati’s Assistant Editor and co-founder of The Social Story Lab. It takes place in the Philadelphia suburbs, Jen’s old stomping grounds.

The Scout Guide Cincinnati’s Creative Editor and owner of Baqette, Quinn McIlhargey-Nicholson’s pick is a cookbook, Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables by Joshua McFadden with Martha Holmberg. Quinn is always good for a great recipe or cookbook recommendation and this book might be a great way to really enjoy the latest from your veggie gardens!

Sometimes it’s hard to get reading when those tempting screens are every where. TSG Cincy editor and co-founder of The Social Story Lab is reading Raising a Screen-Smart Kid: Embrace the Good and Avoid the Bad In The Digital Age written by local Julianna Miner, who also writes the parenting blog, Rants from Mommyland.

Click on the images above so you can purchase any of these recommendations from local book seller Joseph Beth. What was your favorite read this summer? What are you reading now as you wait in carline or from the soccer sidelines? Post. your favorite read on Instagram and tag us @tsgcincinnati. We want to know!