8 Things Andi Eubank Of A Touch Of Energy Wellness Is Loving Right Now

Smiling woman sitting on stone in park, The Scout Guide inspiration.

As ever the lovers of the people behind the small businesses, we want to recognize these individuals as excellent #scouts themselves. They are some of the best sources of recommendations for local and beyond. We love to get to know each of them in this capacity and hope you do too! With that, we recently caught up with Andi of A Touch of Energy Wellness to find out what she’s really excited about these days. Andi shares her current favs, from her favorite food scenes of Cincinnati to her daily inspirations, so check it all out below!

1. What I’m Doing

I do my best to balance my home and work life. Currently, I run A Touch of Energy Wellness, a medspa that offers both traditional services along with holistic treatments.  I also serve as the nurse practitioner, acupuncturist, and nurse injector at this practice offering a variety of services including Botox, filler, laser therapy, and cosmetic acupuncture. On the weekends, I am often working with patients who suffer from severe mental illness at Glenwood Behavioral Hospital.  When I am not working, you will find me spending time with my children, volunteering at their schools, watching them play sports, or having a game night or family walk at home. 

2. What I’m Watching

Indulging in my guilty pleasure: Bravo. From RHW to Vanderpump Rules and The Valley, you name it. For professional growth, I watch my Patreon subscription, staying up to date on the latest aesthetic trends and treatments.

3. What I’m Listening To

I have started my meditation practice back up, listening to various sounds—binaural beats, soothing sound baths, guided meditations, and even white noise. On solitary drives, podcasts keep me company. Some current favorites include Carlat Report, The Holistic Medicine Podcast, My Seven Chakras, and, of course, the captivating Crime Junkie (another guilty pleasure).

4. What I’m Eating

My busy schedule makes home cooking a rarity, leading us to explore the food scene of Cincinnati’s local restaurants. My current favorites are Losanti, Sleepy Bee, The Governor, Kitchen Social, Tortilla Garcia, and Pepp and Delores. 

5. What Inspires Me

So many things inspire me—from thriving small businesses to pioneers in our field showcasing their knowledge, not to mention the daily inspiration found in friends, colleagues, and my children.

6. What I’m Loving

Undoubtedly, my three children hold the key to my heart, each blossoming into unique individuals with their own quirks and passions. Alongside them, my two dogs and one cat add boundless joy to our household.  I also feel very grateful to work in three fields that I love so much: aesthetics, holistic medicine, and mental health.  

7. What I’m Proud Of

As I reflect on my professional journey, I feel very proud of all that I have accomplished—a testament to perseverance and dedication. With two master’s degrees under my belt, the ownership of several successful businesses, and the continued growth and expansion of A Touch of Energy Wellness. 

8. Where I’m Going

Every chance we get, we try to enjoy our time away from work. Presently, preparations are underway for a memorable getaway to Destin, FL, with the family.  Additionally, upcoming conferences and trainings will bring us to new destinations. Whether for business or leisure, every trip is an opportunity to explore new places and create lasting family memories.

A warm and inviting family portrait featured in The Scout Guide, showcasing a smiling group lounging on a cozy sofa; includes a couple, three cheerful children, and their loving dog, all gathered in a sunlit room that feels like home.

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