How to Select Your Ideal Bedding

TSG Tip 247: Your Ideal Bedding

The power of a good night’s sleep should not be underestimated, so we tend to take recommendations on how to achieve a restful night seriously. In addition to finding the right mattress firmness and settling on the perfect combination of pillows, learning which sheeting fabric suits your nighttime temperature preferences can make a big difference in your nocturnal comfort level. Here, the experts at Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Highcroft Fine Linens & Home offer advice on which material and weave might be right for you, plus specific product recommendations for those seeking to make a bedding upgrade:

If you’re a warm sleeper: You know the feeling—you wake up in the middle of the night and your bed feels like an oven, so you kick a leg out from under the side of your bedding for some cool air. Sure, this somewhat solves the problem, but according to the experts at Highcroft, investing in cotton percale sheeting could be the key to a good night’s sleep. Woven as a screen, thread over thread, cotton percale is a breathable option perfect for those whose temperatures seem to rise while they slumber. Highcroft’s favorite version is the Sferra Celeste line, which is woven by Italian masters using the fine Egyptian multi-ply yarns.

If you’re a cold sleeper: If your bedtime routine involves bundling up in pants and long sleeves, you can count yourself as part of this chilly crowd. For those who have a tendency to be cold in bed, Highcroft recommends sleeping under sateen sheeting, explaining, “Sateen fabric is woven with multiple threads over a single thread, creating a luxurious sheen and drape of satin with the comfort and durability of world-class cotton.” They suggest warming up with Signoria di Firenze’s Raffaello set, which is made of 100% Egyptian cotton sateen and is available in a wide variety of hues.

If they’re a warm sleeper and you’re a cold sleeper (or vice versa): If you share a bed with someone whose sleep temperature differs from yours, one of you may be sacrificing some level of comfort if you haven’t found the right versatile bedding. To create an ideal environment for you and your partner, Highcroft believes that linen could be the key. Spun from flax, linen has a weighty feel that’s perfect for the cold sleeping half of the couple, while its breathability will appeal to the warm sleeper. Plus, the fabric will continue to soften with age and use. For those considering this option, Highcroft recommends looking for Libeco Santiago pre-washed linen sheeting, which is made in Belgium and comes in 8 colors.

TSG Tip 247 from Highcroft Fine Linens & Home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Featured image shows TSG Co-founder Christy Ford’s linens.