Room to Grow: Updating Your Child's Bedroom

With the start of a new school year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to give children’s rooms a refresh. From small tweaks to a more substantial transition, here’s how to take your little one’s room to the next level: 

Give them space. “The girls still love sharing a room, but as they get older they are requesting a little more space between them,” TSG co-founder Christy Ford says of daughters Ruby, 10, and Tulip, 8. As shown in the photo above, Ford rearranged the girls’ room by separating their beds and creating a dorm room-like situation in which they each have their own nooks. 

Streamline. At age 12, Ford’s son, Henry, was ready for a more “big boy room,” but he was not quite prepared to give up the Lego table. Ford created a cleaner look by updating the space with a brown mohair queen headboard and medium grey walls, balancing out the more youthful elements with a slightly mature palette. A faux rhino head above the mantel, where Henry’s trophies are showcased, adds a bit of flair.

Keep it classic. TSG Design and Brand Director Erika Jack recently did a full room transition for her 10-year-old daughter, Addie, who will be entering fourth grade this fall. The “little girl” bed was updated with a tufted linen headboard and sophisticated neutral sheets and quilt, and with more homework on the horizon, a desk that doubles as a vanity was added to the space.   

Be strategic with color. Jack, who favors a neutral, Scandinavian palette of soft greys, lets the artwork, stuffed animals, and books bring color to Addie’s bedroom. “I want her to have a serene place to do homework, relax, and escape,” Jack says. Organizing the books into color stories plays up their color quotient, and, Jack discovered, inspires Addie to put them away. For an added pop, Addie was invited to pick the new paint color for a chair. Her choice? Farrow & Ball’s Yellowcake

TSG Tip 169 provided by Erika Jack and Christy Ford. Featured room: Tulip and Ruby Ford.