Chic Seating Arrangements

Design by Fiddlehead Design Group

Just like guests at a dinner party, when it comes to our dining chairs, we like to mix and match. Combining styles doesn’t just create an interesting contrast, it has the added benefit of making the space feel more inviting. And whether your dining room can accommodate 2 or 12, that’s something we can all appreciate. Here are some of our favorite seating arrangements:

Mix it up. One of the mantras repeated by Minneapolis-based interior design firm Fiddlehead Design Group  which created the space featured above, is “Never buy the set.” To avoid a look that’s too matchy-matchy, pair traditional chairs with a modern table (or vice versa), or take it a step further and select a mix of chair styles that together create a cohesive look. 

Introduce a beautiful banquette. Banquettes give an eating space a wonderfully intimate feel. Even if you don’t have the wherewithal to have one custom-made, opting for a bench will make the look feel fresh—and make guests want to linger.

Create a wow factor with fabric. For a stylish moment, opt for a beautiful pattern that will take the room up a notch (we love how the floral banquette above draws the eye in and ties together various elements). A classic chair done in a solid, luxe fabric like velvet or mohair can also seriously elevate a space.

Add a couple of cozy options. Placing two soft chairs at opposite ends of a table can make a dining room feel extra-inviting. As an added bonus, the cozy seating can serve as a quiet place to unwind when you’re not entertaining.

Featured space by Fiddlehead Design Group, featured in The Scout Guide Minneapolis.