The Scout Guide Charlottesville, Volume 16 Launch Party

Two women standing next to a log cabin with one holding a bouquet of wildflowers, dressed in vibrant clothing that reflects the Scout Guide's emphasis on lifestyle and community.

Last Wednesday we launched the 16th volume of The Scout Guide Charlottesville. To celebrate the SWEET 16 debut, The Scout Guide co-founders – Susie Matheson & Christy Ford – and TSG Charlottesville Editor, Antje Lemoine, hosted a party for TSG members and friends at Thistlerock Farm – the home of newly opened Thistlerock Mead Company & Wayflowering Flower Farm. We did not let a little rain dampen our spirits and had a fabulous time celebrating at this beautiful venue! There was a great turnout, and everyone had a fabulous time mingling, sharing drinks & light bites and perusing Volume 16!

Browse The Scout Guide Charlottesville Volume 16 online here, find a list of businesses included in the guide here, and order a copy of the guide here. Ready to start supporting the Volume 16 Scouted Businesses? Let’s go.

A cozy retail display featuring copies of The Scout Guide and gift boxes tied with satin teal ribbons promoting the "Live. Love. Local." ethos, arranged on wooden shelves next to a framed promotional item.

The details:
Venue: Thistlerock Farm, home to Thistlerock Mead Co. & Wayflowering Flower Farm
Food: Grazing Table from The Catering Outfit. Dessert & Sourdough bread party favors by MarieBette Café.  Donuts from Sbrocco’s – COMING SOON!
Drinks: Mead & Signature cocktails by Thistlerock Mead Co. Wine from Southwest Mountains Vineyards.
Florals: Floral backdrop & Bloom Bar by Wayflowering.
Rentals: Grazing Table Canoe & Umbrellas from Eventide Event Rentals & tables, linens and serving dishes from  Festive Rentals
Live Beehive Demonstration: Siller Pollinator Company

Music: Uncle Pen bluegrass trio
Invitation & signange design: Stephanie Fishwick
Custom Paddle Ball Paddles: Play Henry
Signage Printing: T&N Printing
Photography featured here: Emily Jean Rosser

An outdoor catering setup featuring an assortment of foods displayed in a rustic wooden canoe under the shelter of a white umbrella, with a lush green background that references the natural aesthetics celebrated by The Scout Guide. A bouquet of fresh flowers adds a colorful accent next to promotional materials on the serving table.
A family of three, including a man, a woman, and a young girl, posing for a photo in front of a lush green hedge adorned with colorful flowers and a radiant sun emblem, evoking a scene that could be featured in The Scout Guide for its vibrant and joyful atmosphere.
Two terracotta pots with white flowering plants are placed on teal-colored The Scout Guide books arranged on dark wooden stairs next to a brown box with "The Scout Guide LOVE LOCAL" printed on it, set against lush green foliage in the background.
An elegant outdoor flower display featuring a crisp white kiosk with a striped green and white awning, emblazoned with The Scout Guide symbol, surrounded by a variety of vibrant fresh flowers in assorted vases under a cloudy sky.
Outdoor setting featuring a pickleball net in the background with a pastoral landscape and cloudy sky. On a green picnic table in the foreground, four custom pickleball paddles with the text "Live Local" and The Scout Guide branding, alongside a white ice bucket containing canned drinks with a sign that reads "DINKS & DRINKS!" The scene suggests a social or promotional event affiliated with The Scout Guide.
A group of individuals gathered in a grassy outdoor area beside a rustic building with a stone chimney, featuring a mix of casual and smart attire reflective of The Scout Guide's lifestyle aesthetic, engaging in conversation and enjoying the serene setting.
A man and a woman stand inside a green Thistlerock Mead Co. mobile bar trailer, smiling as they look out from the service window. Bottles of wine are displayed in front of them on a wooden counter, with the trailer adorned with elegant branding that includes the phrase "THE WAY OF NATURE" and their social media handle. The surrounding area appears open and grassy, possibly an outdoor event location, epitomizing the essence of The Scout Guide's focus on local businesses and lifestyles.
A well-lit, elegant catering setup featuring a menu titled "the catering/outfit" describing a "Grazing Table" with a selection of assorted local & artisanal cheeses, house-made seasonal jams & chutneys, and other delicacies. Visible are wooden serving platters, napkins, and partial view of food items, creating an inviting atmosphere for an event highlighted by The Scout Guide.
A large poster for The Scout Guide Charlottesville, Virginia, is displayed on an easel with a Vol. 16 city guide and a bouquet of vibrant flowers placed in front of it on a green surface.
A group of people standing on a lush green field near a vintage green food trailer with The Scout Guide logo, under an overcast sky. Two individuals are holding a conversation under an umbrella to the left, while another person is interacting with the vendor inside the trailer.
Vibrant red and orange dahlias with accents of blue flowers arranged in cream-colored vases, aesthetically captured for The Scout Guide, evoking a sense of nature's beauty and elegance.
Assorted donuts and pastries displayed on a tiered stand with a sign that says "DONUTS BY SBROCCO'S COMING SOON" referencing The Scout Guide, indicating a promotional or preview event for Sbrocco's bakery products.
Three musicians perform indoors at a The Scout Guide event, with a woman playing the violin, a man in the center playing an acoustic guitar, and another man playing the violin, all dressed smartly in white shirts, against a rustic wooden log wall and a window displaying wine bottles.
A close-up view of freshly baked round bread loaves with decorative flour-dusted patterns, reminiscent of The Scout Guide's emphasis on high-quality, artisanal local finds, stacked on a counter within a cozy bakery setting.

TSG Charlottesville & HQ team members and Volume 16 Members enjoyed the opportunity to catch up, make new connections and celebrate the gorgeous new guide! Congratulations to all of the fabulous small businesses featured in Volume 16.

Alt text: A group of individuals enjoying a pleasant conversation in a vibrant room adorned with artistic animal paintings. The Scout Guide event seems to evoke a warm, friendly atmosphere, with attendees holding drinks and engaged in light-hearted interactions. The space is characterized by a cozy, bohemian vibe, reflected in the ornate wallpaper and eclectic decor that give the setting a unique charm.
Three women in stylish summer outfits are standing on a grassy field with a rustic wooden building in the background, engrossed in a lively conversation at an outdoor event that captures the essence of The Scout Guide lifestyle, with one holding a bouquet and another grasping a drink, embodying the spirit of community and local gatherings.
A group of people engaging in conversation at an outdoor event with a rustic setting, featuring a wooden picnic table and greenery in the background, resonating with the community-centric vibe of The Scout Guide.
Three women smiling for the camera at an event with a green hedge backdrop adorned with flowers and a sunburst wall decoration. One holds a copy of The Scout Guide, and they're all dressed in colorful, summer dresses.
Four people pose together in front of a lush plant wall adorned with floral arrangements and a sunburst decoration, reminiscent of moments captured in The Scout Guide.
A woman in a white hat and green floral dress holds a plastic cup in one hand and The Scout Guide book in the other, smiling happily in an outdoor setting.
A group of people gathered around a vintage mint green food truck labeled "THISTLEROCK MEAD CO." parked on a grassy field with tall trees in the background, evocative of a scene from The Scout Guide, showcasing local businesses and gatherings.
Three women posing in front of a lush foliage wall with floral arrangements and a radiant sun emblem, each showcasing unique summer fashion styles with a blend of bright colors and patterns, as seen in The Scout Guide.
A group of people gathered in an outdoor setting, engaging in conversation on a lawn near a wooden building with leaves framing the scene at the top, reminiscent of The Scout Guide networking events.
Five people posing for a photo outdoors on a sunny day with a mix of clouds in the sky, surrounded by greenery and a rock garden, possibly at an event related to The Scout Guide.
Alt text: A group of four fashionably dressed women engaging in conversation on a grassy area next to a vintage mint-green Thistlerock Mead Co. truck. Each woman is holding a glass, adding a social atmosphere to the scene, reminiscent of a feature one might find in The Scout Guide, celebrating local businesses and lifestyle. Trees and a cloudy sky complete the outdoor setting.
Three people enjoying a conversation at a social event with a wooden "Welcome" sign listing beverages on a blackboard in the background, capturing the essence of The Scout Guide’s local lifestyle emphasis.
Three individuals sitting at a green picnic table in an outdoor rural setting with lush greenery and a mountainous horizon. The setting sun casts a soft glow through a partly cloudy sky. Their relaxed, yet engaged postures suggest a casual meeting or a moment of leisure. The environment hints at a connection with The Scout Guide's ethos of exploring local scenery and experiences.
Two women are smiling and posing in front of a vibrant boxwood hedge decorated with lush floral arrangements and a radiant sun emblem, capturing the essence of The Scout Guide in an outdoor setting.