About TSG Charlotte Editors Jenn Lamarre and Alex Holleman:
Jenn Lamarre lived all over the East Coast before she found home in Charlotte. She was born and raised in Naples, Florida, went to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, then spent 10 years in New England. But when her career in financial services finally brought her to Charlotte, Jenn found her calling in the city as well as her work as Co-Editor of The Scout Guide. Jenn has two each of beautiful teenage daughters and Oreo-colored Havanese, and one husband named Al. Outside of being a TSG Editor, Jenn is a Certified Executive Coach.

A Virginian by birth and a Chapel Hill graduate, Alex Holleman now considers the Queen City her true home. She traded in her law career for a role as a “word of mouth ambassador” when she landed her gig at The Scout Guide. Alex is a news junkie, pound-cake lover, part-time jewelry maker, and a true believer in serious fashion. Despite her somewhat hectic work-life balance (Alex has two little girls at home), it’s lights out for her at 9:30 p.m. most week nights. A little known fact about Alex is that she spent part of her childhood as a concert pianist but still can’t carry a tune.