MEET : Montina Myers - Galloway - Your Local Stress Expert

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NAME: Montina Myers-Galloway

LOCATION: Charlotte, NC

OCCUPATION: Therapist and Coach

BELIEF & PRINCIPLES: “Addressing issues that impact our mental health gives us a better chance at achieving overall health.” 

Over the last year we have recognized how important it is to raise awareness around mental health. We have found that working with a therapist or counselor to understand and focus on improving mental clarity has been life changing. We are so grateful to introduce our first TSG Charlotte featured therapist, Montina Myers-Galloway and share a little bit more about how she got started in her important role as a therapist. 

How did you get started in your career? 

It all started when I took one of those career inventories in high school that tells you which occupation you may be a good fit for. My results were “Counselor or Social Worker”. But I ignored it. I thought going into Fashion would be much more fun. Working as a therapist is actually my second career. Before doing this, I worked as an Assistant Buyer for a private retailer. It was during that time, I realized that working in that industry was about more than just having a love for fashion. I believe that my purpose for spending that time there ran deeper than fashion. It prepared me to be more aligned with my ideal clients. Along with what was already innate in me, I started to notice that the stress we experience in our personal life also impacts us at work. Unaddressed stress has the potential to impede both professional relationships and goals. I’ve always had an inquisitive mind and wanted to learn more about the challenges women experience and understand the changes that could be made in order for them to live a better life.

What about counseling/therapy are you most passionate about? 

I am most passionate about therapy being the place where you can unlearn maladaptive behaviors and reconstruct core beliefs you may have held all your life. Therapy can truly be a life changing experience for people if they are open to it. I see it as a sacred space to cultivate a healthy relationship which some people have never seen. You get to learn more accurate information related to mental health and apply it directly to your situation. Addressing issues that impact our mental health gives us a better chance at achieving overall health. 

Any advice for women in our community dealing with stress? 

My best advice for women dealing with stress would be to assess your boundaries, which are the limits we have in relationships. You simply can’t be everything for everyone at all times. Someone will suffer, and most often it is women. For example, what are some things that you are willing to do? What are some things you are not willing to accept while in relationship with others? You may apply boundaries to your time, personal space, emotions, resources, and intellect. The concept of boundaries comes up in therapy a lot. 

What is your favorite thing about Charlotte, NC?

My favorite thing about Charlotte is that the city has easily accommodated my personal and professional growth. It is just as enjoyable now as it was when I first moved to the city before I decided to start a family.

What local businesses/services you’re using this season:

Some of my favorite local businesses are Idolize Brows & Beauty, The Washroom Laundry Services, Two Scoops Ice Cream, and Shelves Bookstore. 

Nothing is more important than checking in on your personal wellbeing and those around you. This has been a difficult year and trauma surrounds us all. Therapy is truly a life changing experience and we are so grateful to have Montina in Charlotte, NC helping make lives better!